Disney Day 6

Day 6 the much anticipated Hollywood Studios with the recently open Toy Story Land.

We arrived during the extra morning magic hours for staying on Disney property and headed straight for Toy Storyland. We had fast passes for Slinky Dog for later but wanted to check out the other two rides, the world, and the food. 

First up was Toy Story Mania. It had a 30 minute wait posted but we didn't wait that long. 

Ella and I rode together and I beat her and Brian's score. All that mattered though was we had fun.

Had to get a picture at the Popsicle wall, even if Brian was a brat and wouldn't take the photo for us. 

After hearing about Woody's Lunch Box breakfast menu we knew we had to check it out. We were smart and used the app to order our food ahead of time so we didn't have to stand in a long line to wait. We decided on the Breakfast bowl which was delicious, and my favorite. 

We also got the Chocolate Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart, which was good and Ella's favorite. It taste like Nutella. 

And the Raspberry Lunch Box tart. This one was just ok. 

After eating breakfast we ventured out of Toy Storyland to see more rest of the park. Hollywood Studios doesn't have a lot of rides, especially for little ones. There are quite a few shows though. We saw Disney Junior Dance Party, Frozen Sing Along, Green Army Drum Corps, Green Army Patrol, March of the First Order, Star Wars A Glaxy Far, Far Away, and Voyage of The Little Mermaid. 

We eventually headed back to Toy Story Land to ride Alien Swirling Saucers. It was a fun ride, but didn't last long. 

Then Ella and Brian got in line for their fast pass for Slinky Dog Dash. Austin was a half an inch to short so him and I wondered away to find something else to do. It ended up starting to rain, well really down pour. We took shelter under an awning for a little while. Ella and Brian rode Slinky Dog Dash while it was drizzling. They ran to where Austin and I were and got soaked. After the rain cleared up we headed back to the hotel to rest and dry up.

Later that afternoon we came back in hopes of it staying dry. It did for the most part. Ella got to ride her favorite ride at Hollywood Studios, Tower of Terror. Unfortunately there was a tall guy in front of her so the pictures you cant see her. We had a quick dinner then Ella and I went to ride Slink Dog Dash again. 

I have to admit it was a fun ride and I see what all the excitement is about. I can't wait for Austin to grow and go back and ride it. 

While Ella and I were on the ride Brian and Austin got a picture taken together, trying to amuse him. It actually turned out cute. 

I love the way our family pictures turned out from Hollywood Studios. 

We ended the night seeing Fantasmic. Which I love and the kids enjoyed. Brian was disappointed that you couldn't watch Fantasmic and Star Wars Galatical Spectacular, which you were able to watch both when we went in April. 

Overall we had another great day even with getting soaked.

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