DIY Bow Holder

If you have a daughter who is currently in elementary school she probably knows who JoJo Siwa is. If she is like my daughter she has an obsession with her and is always wearing big poofy bows in her hair. At her past birthday my daughter received 6 new bows to add to her collection, making finding a place to store them a struggle. I started searching Pinterest to find a solution to our storage issue. I saw a bunch of adorable bow holders that let you display all her bows. Since there was wall space, what better way to make her room even more unique. 

I surprised Aubriella with her bow holder after she came home from her dads for the weekend. She loves it. We will eventually add some designs around her name. I wanted her to have the option if she wanted flowers, Disney, hearts, swirls, etc.

DIY Bow Holder Supplies:

  • Wooden Plaque 
  • Acrylic Paint (your choice of color for the name)
  • Letter stencils
  • Pencil
  • Paint Brush
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Gun

DIY Bow Hold Directions:
  1. Using a pencil, stencil the letters on the wooden plaque. Then go over the letters with paint and let dry (I tried to just paint with the stencil and it bled)
  2. Next cut the ribbon to the desired length. Hot glue ribbon to the back of the plaque. 
  3. Hang!!!

* You can add any other designs around the name you choose.
* The plaque I bought already came with string attached for hanging. Otherwise you can drill holes and add your own ribbon (or just glue/staple on the ribbon or a picture claw hook on the back. 
* Aubriella's is hung where she has to use a stool to get down her bows, but we did this so her little brother wouldn't take all her bows. You can hang lower for easy access by your daughter. 

Does your daughter love wearing bows? For us it didn't start until she started Kindergarten and other girls were talking about JoJo and wearing bows. 

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  1. I had to google Jojo Siwa, haha! Bow organizers are such a great idea - I remember when I wore bows / scrunchies, we just had them all in a basket that I'd have to go through, because undoubtedly the one I wanted was at the bottom!

    1. sometimes I wish I didn't know who JoJo was. What really bothers me is the price of some of her bows is close to $20.

  2. thanks. and so far my daughter is putting them back up and not all over her room.

  3. I need to make this for my girls room. They have way too many bows and hair ties.


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