Fun Fall Favorites

Happy Friday. It is officially feeling like fall in Ohio. We actually skipped over the nice fall days of 50s and 60s and went straight to early winter with temps in the 40s and lows down in the 30s. Bring back the real fall weather. 

I am joining in Friday Fall Favorites with Nikki over at Kickin' It With Nicks. Today I am sharing some Fun Fall Favorites. 

One of my favorite things about fall is spending time with my family and doing fun things. Last week we went to a local pumpkin patch and had lots of fun. We even took my niece along. 

Even though the weather had gotten pretty cold for the day, we weren't 100% prepared for everything, but we made do, had lots of fun, and crossed a bunch of items off our Fall Bucket List

First up was the hay ride. The girls wanted to sit in the middle on the hay. 

We sat on the outside on a bench. The girls both ended up on my lap to be able to see the not so scary spiders, and scarecrows around the trail. 

Next we ventured into the corn maze. You are suppose to find 5 different hole puncher stops around the path. We ended up finding 1 hole punch stop and found our way out. The girls were a little disappointed we didn't find all the stops. 

But Austin didn't want to walk, kept loosing his boots, and the girls wouldn't slow down. Instead of going back in we found some more fun. 

Before the fun we had to take pictures. 

We have taken pictures of Ella for the last three years at this ruler. 

This year there were two trackers that the kids could climb on and take pictures with. For whatever reason our kids love acting like they are driving and didn't want to get off. 

The corn box is always so much fun for the kids. It is relaxing to run your hands through and play with. Some how the kids always end up bring home corn in their shoes, pants, and pockets. 

Besides that corn box there was also two different kid mazes, and some tube slides for the kids. We let them play for a good half an hour. Then we went to the market picked out some apples. Last we picked pumpkins. The worst part of picking pumpkins is carrying the pumpkins back to the car. I ended up carrying the girls pumpkins, and had Austin's pumpkin in my purse. Brian carried a large pumpkin he picked for himself and was fighting with Austin who didn't want to leave. It was so much fun trying to leave. (do you hear my sarcasm) I ended up taking the pumpkins I was carrying to the car then running back and carrying Austin, who had lost his boots again was kicking, screaming, and crying. I guess that means he had fun. He fell asleep on the 15 minute drive home. Overall we had a fun trip to the pumpkin patch. 

Look at this cute scarecrow I bought from LTD commodities. On the other side is a snowman.

We also got this adorable front door Welcome mat. It comes with a few different center designs for different seasons/holidays. 

What is one of your favorite fall activities?

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