How We Meal Plan

Happy Wednesday. I am so over this weather we are having in Northern Ohio. The last few days it has been in the 80s in October. I want fall weather, jeans, cowgirl boots, and hoodies. Not tank stops and shorts. I want all four seasons not just summer and winter. (and we all know I love winter too, don't shoot me)

Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika with How We...Wednesday. Each month has a different topic

In July: How We Motivate Our Kids
In September: How We FALL

This month is How We Meal Plan.

I am a big meal planner. Every week I sit down and come up with our weekly dinner menu. We may not always stick to it 100%, but it at least gives us options and I make sure we have everything we need for each nights dinner. By meal planning each week, we eat out less, spend less on groceries, and I don't have to hear 100 times what's for dinner. In our kitchen I have a weekly dinner menu on a dry erase board. 

Tips for Meal Planning
  • Have a list of what you already have on hand (meats and veggies)
  • Keep a list/spot with recipes you want to try (I have a folder on my laptop, plus a Pinterest board, and cookbooks with page marks)
  • Check the weather (do you really want soup when it is 90 degrees outside, or know that is it going to rain on Tuesday so we won't plan on using the grill)
  • Have everyone's schedule handy. This helps to know who is going to be home for dinner or nights that we are rushing out the door before dinner, or need dinner made when we get home late)
  • Check the ads to see whats on sale
  • Plan a night for leftovers
  • Ask for household ideas

This past Sunday I meal planned while sitting at the McDonald's playland while Ella had a little birthday party platy date. I brought along my ads, my what we have lists, my grocery list, and a weekly planner page. I also am loving the new cookbook Meal Planner by Shay Shull

I do a weekly menu. I start by writing down the weather, and our schedule if someone isn't going to be at dinner or if we are close on time. In our house dinner time is around 5pm. I know on Thursdays Ella and I don't get home from gymnastics until 5:30 so we plan dinner in the slow cooker, instant pot, or one pan meal that I have prepped and Brian or whoever the sitter is for Austin can just throw in the oven. 

Each week I try to make one new item to try. If we like it I will add it to my mental "oh lets make that again". I really need to get a cute notebook and write down ideas of meals and past meals we have made. A few weeks ago Ella was like "pasta again". 

Based on the menu I come up with I also make a grocery list of what we need. We try to eat a lot of what we already have, we buy meats on sale and in bulk most of the time. I try to go grocery shopping ALONE on the weekend but it doesn't always happen that way. This week I took Austin with me on Monday morning. We ended up with extra stuff in our cart: donuts, muffins, HOT enchilada sauce, and a hot wheels car. (We don't have any local pick-up or delivery grocery places yet)

This is our menu for this week, as of Sunday. It actually has changed since I forgot we have a Dine to Donate for school this week. Typically our menu is Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday. 
Monday- Sheppard's Pie (leftover roast)
Tuesday- Enchilada's (leftover roast)
Wednesday- Stuffed Acorn Squash 
Thursday- One Pan Kielbasa, Sweet Potatoes, and Brussel Sprouts/Green Beans
Friday- DD Cookout
Saturday- Chiptole Dine to Donate
Sunday- Leftovers (Brian at the browns game)

Lastly I share my favorite recipes I have made and our go to's on my blog. I do this to share and also as easy go to for me. Here are a few of my go-to meals:

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  1. I really wish I was better at meal planning!

  2. I'm so hungry now haha! I've got to get back into meal planning!


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