Lots of Birthday Fun

Happy Monday. The weekend and birthday fun is over. We had lots of fun, but I am ready to get back on track. 

Ella's actual birthday was Tuesday. As normal the house was decorated.

The streamers where hung by the door frame with care, actually will duct tape because we were out of clear tape and I didn't know it. (the joys of kids using it for everything)

Ella got a few presents before school, and a few more after school. 

We had our tradition donuts for breakfast, hence the full of energy.

After school we surprised Ella by taking her to Red Lobster to get crab legs. I was impressed she ate it all and was Ms. Independent didn't want help cracking her legs either. 

Then we came home and celebrated some more with cake. 

Friday we celebrated with my family. My mom surprised Ella with a JoJo ice cream cake. 

She got a few more presents as well. She shared nicely with Claudia and Austin on unwrapping the presents. 

Saturday morning Ella played with her presents she got on Friday night. She loved this LOL she got. It is like a time capsule safe. You have to find the code to open each compartment, it was kind of cool. 

Saturday evening we went to Brian's family to celebrate. Austin loves dogs, to bad we can't have one, Brian is allergic. 

Ella's cake was an ice cream cake again with Aurora on it. 

She got so many presents that we barely had enough room in the back of the SUV. She really is loved/spoiled. 

Sunday morning started with trying on all the clothes she got. Her favorite is the zebra pajamas from Target. She also opened every toy, played with it for 5 minutes then went on to the next. (driving me nuts when I just wanted to relax)

Sunday afternoon I surprised Ella with a little play date / birthday party with two of her best friends. We went to a local McDonald's play land. They had happy meals and played for a good two hours. They had a lot of fun and are already talking about planning another play date.

Overall Ella had a great birthday week with lots of fun, family, and friends. I loved that she didn't complain about not having a big party this year she was just as happy with her little play date. 

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun with family!!! Happy birthday to all!!!!! Have a great week!


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