No Spend September

I declared September: No Spend September. After realizing I was spending way to much money in preparation for our Disney vacation in August I needed to get my spending in check. Here are the rules:

Essentials only:
  • Bills, 
  • food (sticking to a budget and grocery list) 
  • Gas (but no extra driving around)
  • school supplies that may be added at the last minute

Can NOT buy:
  • impulse/unplanned purchases
  • online shopping
  • eating out
  • new clothes
Here is how it went:

- Cancelled Epic app. I got it for Ella to read books on her phone or dad's ipad but she prefers to read actual books you hold.
- Cancelled ABC Mouse. Again we had it for Ella. She used it over the summer. With school back in session we cancelled it.
- Young Living Essential Rewards. I love the oils but I don't use them as much as I expected and have an abundance sitting around. 
- No Starbucks (minus the one Brian bought one day)
- No new fall decor
- No going out to eat, unless Brian bought but even that was minimal
- No clothes shopping for myself.
- No stupid little toys for the kids while out shopping

Overall I think I did pretty well. At the end of the month I had money left over, which I normally don't. I didn't think about it though with planning that Ella's birthday was October 2nd so I did spend a little for her birthday presents. 

What you done a No Spend Month or Week before?

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