What a weekend

Happy Monday. What a weekend to say the least. I am posting this a lot later than normal due to such an eventful weekend. 

Friday was an off day to start with. We had a new furnace installed. Normally on Friday's I do laundry and get everything ready for the weekend. All the normal stuff got pushed back a day. I had also volunteered to help at Ella's schools Fall Festival. It was a rush out the door to get there by 6 since Brian had a crazy day at work also and was getting home later than anticipated.

Ella's schools Fall Festival is open to families but Austin said he didn't want to go. Ella got dressed in her Mal from Descendents costume, I sprayed her hair purple, and I took her up to her school after I worked the first hour of the event. 

There are 6 stations throughout the school with fun games and a craft. Her favorite was Bingo.

The longest line was for Plinko. There was also ring toss on a witches hat, ball toss, bowling, and a pumpkin craft. Plus a dance party and lots of sugary and salty snacks. 

She had a lot of fun, saw her Kindergarten teacher, and hung out with some of her friends. 

After the Fall Fest we went home, had some hot cocoa, and relaxed for the rest of the night and got ready for bed. 

Saturday morning the furnace guy was back to finish off some loose ends. Brian also had a few hours of work. After the furnace was 100% finished, I started on laundry. After lunch we all went outside. The kids played, Brian installed a new door on the side of our house, and I cleaned/organized the garage some and cleaned out the van. I don't see me parking in the garage this winter but at least there is more walking space and the snow blower and shovels are ready to go for whenever winter comes.

Around 4pm Brian was going to run to the store but got an alert on his phone that we were under a severe thunderstorm warning, and high winds advisory with wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour. He decided to hold off on going to the store and we went outside to make sure everything was secured. I ran to get one of our garbage cans that had blown into our neighbors yard then looked at the clouds and they didn't look so pretty. We came back in the house and went to our basement just as we lost power. 

After the storm calmed down we headed to my in-laws for dinner, to stay warm, charge our phones, and wait until our power came back on. We were originally told 4pm on Sunday, then it changed to 9pm that night. While waiting we hung out in the basement, played some games, played with cars, and watched some of the 25th anniversary Hocus Pocus special.
We ended up going home at 930, in hopes our power was back on, and for a good night sleep. Unfortunately our power was not back on, but the house was still around 65 degrees. We grabbed flashlights, put on warm pajamas, extra blankets and went to bed. 

We woke up Sunday morning still with no power and an update that our power wouldn't be restored until 4pm Monday, again. We have a gas stove so I heated up some water and enjoyed some hot cocoa. 

I have to admit it was kinda nice to not have any TV or electronics. We spent a couple of hours Sunday morning talking. 

Both kids were also so loving and played together. They brought out their little chalk boards and coloring books. 

They were both adorably polite, huggy, and said I love you a million times for no reason. We may be partaking in no electronic mornings more often, just with heat. 

We ended up going back to my in-laws for pancakes and bacon for breakfast. We brought over our leftover chili and had that for lunch. 

Brian and his uncle cleaned up the train room in Brian's parents basement and got it somewhat working again. They have only talked about doing this since Ella was 2 years old. 

Austin loved it and had so much fun watching the trains go around the room on the track. 

He even taught himself how to make them move. 

Austin and the guys played in the train room for a few hours. Ella and I played hangman, colored, and relaxed. I ended up going home to get Ella some medicine around 2pm and our power had just turned back on. We ended up staying at my in-laws though since they had already started making dinner for us and Brian was watching the Browns game with his dad. 

We are so thankful for amazing family who put up with us while we didn't have power. We also had more family and friends that offered for us to come stay with them. 

We went home after dinner to a warm house. Ella hopped in the shower to get ready for school and I started cleaning up the house. 

We were all exhausted, as you can see in Ella's eyes, but we still made time for our bedtime story. Ella got the new Candace Cameron Bure Book, Candace Center Stage. It is a really cute book. 

Overall we had a fun family filled eventful weekend. We had plans that got changed but made some great memories and isn't that what everything is all about. Plus on an added extra Ella didn't have school today either, her school is still out of power. 

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  1. That's a long time without power! So lucky you have places to go and it sounds like it was a nice family experience!

    1. I am so thankful we had places to go. It was actually a fun weekend even without power.


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