Bedside Book Review- October

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November is in full swing, Christmas movies are always on, but we can't forget about October and a little book bedside book review. 

I have to start off by saying this book is rated R, along the lines of 50 Shades of Grey.  If you are not into explicit details.
I loved the steamy sex club that takes you out of your comfort zone. Good girl and bay boy step out of their own box to see if a relationship with work. 

Jake is a country singer who recently moved to Marietta. Magdalena recently returned after leavening Marietta when she was only 17. Jake has to find someone to sing a duet with him at the celebrity wedding. Magdalena's daughter talks her into auditioning for the duet. To both of their surprise she won the contest. A good story but leaves some unanswered questions. 

Jennifer is a romance writer who heads to Ireland to do research for her newest book. She also had a recent break-up from a workaholic and is mending her broken heart and not looking for a relationship. 
Ian is a workaholic who is also her best friends aunt's son who is living in the same house temporarily. They start by having a friendship but will it grow to more?

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This was a great book to start off the Holiday season. A quick read that is delifhtful, warm, and comforting. 

Hannah thinks she loses everything when the father of her unborn child dies. Then she ends up find out she inherits a house. There always is trouble that comes along with being pregnant, inheriting a house someone else things they have rights to. 

We find out long hidden family secrets, find friends where you never expected, life in a small town, and possibly love. 

A Sparkle of Silver by Liz Johnson

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A Sparkle of Silver a very good book. A quick romance and mystery intertwined. There is a treasure hunt, long lost journal, and some unexpected romance. 

You've Got This, Mama by Sabrina Greer

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A very empowering book for all moms. Motherhood is not easy. It helps when you know your not alone in your journey.

Snowlicious by Leigh Lavalle 

Reviewed from Net Galley

I enjoyed this fun, sweet, romance story. Thea and Mike are long time best friends from high school that went their separate ways for college, then ended up back where it all started.  They are afraid to be more than friends with fear of losing their friendship, even though Mike wants to be more than just friends. 

Just a heads up you can expect lots of Christmas books next month. 

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  1. Love all the winter/christmas themed books. I always read one or two around Christmas as well.

  2. I need to read some more light romance books soon!

    1. It is a nice change and quick reads. I actually want to go to the library and pick up a few good books instead of reading just on my kindle.

  3. Replies
    1. I am getting into the spirit of the season. If I am stuck inside why not enjoy it

  4. i haven't read wicked fall but i really like the sawyer bennett books i have read, so it's on my list.

  5. I love the holiday suggestions. Such a good time for a good book!

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    1. I love Holiday books. i would read theme all year if I could, but then I would probably get tired for them

  6. I don't generally do themed books but I feel like maybe I should try it some time


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