Christmas Talk - Holiday Planning

This year is flying by. The Holidays are fast approaching. Can you believe that there is ONLY:

15 Days until Thanksgiving
48 Days until Christmas 
54 Days until New Years Eve

Christmas is going to be here before we know it. Time to get my butt in gear and start getting organized for a fun last two months of the year. We have already started our Christmas lists, a little Christmas shopping, and we are hosting Friendsgiving again this year and Thanksgiving for 23 people, in the same week. (That is if Brian finishes the basement.) (Yes I know I am nuts)

I am going to share what I am doing to start planning for the Holiday's in hopes it will help you with with your holiday planning and if I am forgetting anything let me know. 

Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving:

~ Finish Basement ~
Brian started priming and painting our basement (we bought the stuff over a year ago). We need to finish painting, then organize and straighten our the basement so we can fit long tables and chairs down there for everyone to eat at. 

~ Menu ~
Both Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving will be bring a side dish so we don't have to make everything ourselves. We need to come up with a list of what we would like and what people are bringing so we don't have 5 sides of just stuffing and no mash potatoes. 


~ Elf on the Shelf Calendar ~

If you have been following me for sometime you know we do the tradition of Elf on the Shelf. Each year I make out a calendar of where he is going to be each morning, someplace fun. This also helps with not forgetting to move him. When I make the calendar I also make a list of items I need such as marshmallow for a bath. 

~ North Pole Breakfast Supplies / Prep ~

When our Elf arrives we have a North Pole Breakfast. It is either on Thanksgivings or Black Friday depending on when we have Ella. I need to go through my box of North Pole Breakfast supplies and come up with a menu for this year. Our menu normally changes based on what my kids will eat. Here is a look at last years North Pole Breakfast

~ Christmas Cards List ~
This is the first year is probably 10 years that I am sending out Christmas cards and we are doing photo Christmas cards. We need to sit down and write a list of who we want to send and make sure we have addresses. 

~ Christmas Cards ~
This year we are doing photo cards from Shutterfly. We have gotten some free already. I order when they have a promotion going on, but we still will need to order some more. 

~ Address Labels ~
Address Labels make everything easier than writing our address a bunch of times. I have ordered a sheet for free from Shutterfly already but need to order more.

~ Kids Christmas List ~
We received the Target Toy Book already this year. The kids have started making their Christmas lists based on the book, commericals and what they have seen in stores. If they had a choice they would own the whole store. We have decided this year we are limiting presents and giving the grandparents more specific ideas of what the kids need/want in hopes of limiting the amount of presents they get this year. They already have so much. Now if only the grandparents will stick to our plan. 

~ Events Calendar ~
There is so much that goes on in November and December. We need to plan/schedule Breakfast with Santa, holiday parties, and all our fun in the calendars.

~ Advent Calendars ~
Every year the kids get an advent calendar that starts on December 1st. Normally it is a piece of chocolate a day. I may do something different this year. What do you do for an advent calendar?

~ Christmas Books ~
The last few years we tried to do the 25 Books of Christmas. Each night under the tree would be a Christmas book wrapped to be read as their nightly bedtime story. We would swap out books each year based on their age, and if both kids were home or just Austin. This didn't always go as planned. A lot of the time we were rushing at the last minute to wrap a book because we forgot to do it. This year I am planning on getting a cute basket and putting all the Christmas books in there. Each night the kids can pick out a bedtime story from the basket and throughout the day they can also read those books. 

~ Christmas Matching PJ's ~

Christmas morning we all wear matching Disney Christmas pj's. I usually buy the kids pj's a few sizes to big so they fit for a few years. I need to check sizes of all our pj's for this year.

~ Cookie List ~
I love cookies and like to eat all the different kinds. I hate having 3 dozen of this kind and 4 dozen of that. I would rather have one dozen of each. I am going to try and organize a cookie exchange with a few friends, or just split it with family. 

~ Christmas and Winter Bucket List ~
Every season/major holiday Ella and I come up with a bucket list of fun things we want to do and make memories with. Instead of sitting here being bored it is lets go play in the leaves kind of day. Here is a look at last years Christmas and Winter bucket lists. 

~ Organized Lists ~
I have been known to buy things through out the year hide them and forget about them. I know I am not he only one. Or I order something and completely forget what I bought until it shows up on my doorstep, which could be a month or so later with Wish and Zulily. I have learned to keep a running list in my phone under Google Keep app. I have list of what I have ordered, once I get it I check it off. I have lists of what I have bought and where I hid it also.

What am I forgetting? I feel like something huge I am forgetting to add to my list. Did I help you remember something you need to do this holiday season?

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    1. Thanks. I didn't realize I was typing it both ways and spell check didn't catch it either. What would I do without you. I'm not perfect and never claimed to be.

  2. It isn't about being perfect. I just thought as a blogger you would want to know and correct the mistake. Grammar is important readers, as much as it is for writers.

  3. Can you share your Elf on the Shelf list of where you are moving him and the ideas you use? I could totally use that. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Such a good idea to have an Elf on the Shelf calendar! If my brother and sister in law start that tradition with my nephew, I am so going to give them that suggestion. Seems like it would make life SO much easier.


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