Friday Favorite Halloween Edition

Happy Friday. Halloween is officially over, now bring on Christmas. This years Halloween and fall festivities did not go as planned. We had a crappy October in Ohio with cold weather, lots rain, storms, power outages, and sick kids. We did end up making some memories but not as many as normal.

Every year we normally go to a few different pumpkin patches. This year we only did one. We had planned for two other ones but it just ended up being cold rainy days and I knew all the activities would not be open and it wouldn't be worth going or the money. But still had a lot of fun. 

We normally go on a Halloween Walk at a local park that has Halloween decorations, blow ups, pumpkins, a hay ride, etc. This year we did not make it there. They changed their hours to earlier and made it hard to get there right after school before it got to busy with traffic. We would have never made it during family fun hours ended and scary hour started. 

Every year we carve pumpkins. Ella loves it. She really loves getting the guts and seeds out of the pumpkin. Austin not so much, he wouldn't even come near us once we had the top off the pumpkin.

Ella carved some of her by herself. She is growing up to fast. She first drew her eyes nose and mouth and I carved those. Then she decided it needed cheeks and eyebrows so she did those. The eyes were from a carving kit I bought a few years ago.

Brian went with a Star Wars Storm Trooper this year.

Ella's school has a Halloween parade and party. I got to help out in with all the first grade classes this year. Ella wanted to take in a bag of candy to pass out. We made cute little goodie bags that had a few different pieces of candy and these cute Ghost Lollipops. 

Halloween morning breakfast I made banana and chocolate chip pancakes and the kids had Halloween sprinkles on top. 

Ella went to school with purple hair and dressed as Mal from Descendents. 

This year was Ella's dads year to have her for Halloween. Unfortunately he was stuck in traffic from an accident on the high way and was running late. We decided to do a little trick or treating right in our neighborhood until he got there. He was stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes so we got a whole street down before he got here. 

Thankfully we got Austin to wear his Halloween costume while we were out, minus the backpack. He made a cute Paw Patrol puppy. 

The rain didn't stop them from having fun and getting candy.

We lasted trick or treating almost an hour. Austin was tired also, he didn't have a nap. We came home turned on some Halloween music and passed out Candy. I enjoyed some hot chocolate for the last time this year in my Hocus Pocus mug. 

Thursday morning Austin snuck a full size kit kat from his Halloween bucket. He was so cute about it. Good thing he can't open it himself yet. 

Hope you have a great Friday. I am also linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea. for Friday Favorites and Katie from Cup of Tea for High Five for Friday.

What did your kids dress up as for Halloween?

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