Ornament Exchange

I am so excited to announce I am co-hosting an Ornament Exchange with two wonderful ladies: Emily from A Little Bit of Emily and Jaclyn from Coffee Pancakes and Dreams.

I know some of you maybe thinking it is still to early to be thinking of Christmas, but it will be here before you know it. I actually started Christmas shopping this past weekend. Plus we want to give everyone enough time to sign up, names to be drawn, ornaments to be bought or made, and mailed out. It's the most wonderful time for the year so why not celebrate with each other by sharing an ornament!!! Bonus who doesn't love getting something in the mail. 

Ornament Exchange Details:

  • Deadline to sign up is Monday November 19. Please only sign up if you are absolutely able to participate. It is a huge bummer if you are matched with someone who doesn't follow through.
  • Spend no more than $10 (this d shipping) or handmade
  • Please have your packaged shipped no later than December 10th. 
  • Be sure to share your excitement, show your gifts, and just helping us spread the word by using the hashtag #OrnamentExchanged18
  • You must be a US resident to participate..
  • You don't have to be a blogger or even have social media to join us. But if you are we are linking up on December 17th. 
  • Each person gives and receives one gift in an anonymous exchange. The person who gives to you is usually someone different than who you give to.
  • There’s no post or pictures required, it’s really more or less about spreading some holiday cheer. But we all would love to see what you received. 
Does it sound like fun? Join us in helping spread some holiday cheer. 

Sign Up HERE

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