Whats Up Wednesday on a Thursday

To say this week has been crazy is an understatement. I don't even know what day it is anymore if it wasn't for my daughter's school calendar for lunch I would be lost. This week started off with full on attitude problems with someone getting grounded and losing electronics, then made a turn for the worse with me in the emergency room with complications with my pregnancy. I am finally feeling better today and have some energy. 

It's time for another What's Up Wednesday. I'm linking up today with Shay, and  Sheaffer, Talking about What's Been Up for the past month, even thought today is really Thursday that's just a minor little detail.But really where did February go? 

~ What I'm Eating This Week ~

Sunday- Chili Dogs, Chicken Sausage brat
Monday- Seafood melody from Trader Joes
Tuesday- toast 
Wednesday- Burger King original chicken sandwich
Thursday- Chicken Stir Fri
Friday- Pizza 

I really need to get back into menu planning and doing balanced meals. 

~ What I Am Reminiscing About ~

Not only has our basement got a much needed make over, Austin isn't so small anymore, and I am shocked to say I miss working out. I stopped when I was so exhausted my first trimester and just haven't gotten back into it. I need to find some safe pregnancy workouts and do something. 

~ What I Am Loving ~

We bought a new vacuum, which is also a water air filtration system, the kids fight over who gets to vacuum. Mom win, they both want to clean. Mom fail, they make a mess so they can clean it up.

~ What We've Been Up To ~

Brian, Ella,and I went to the Home and Garden Show. While there Ella and Brian made a wooden race car with Home Depot.

Austin started speech therapy once a week. So far it is going pretty good. 

Austin helped me make some banana, blueberry, chocolate chip bread. 

Ella is owning her own fashion sense more and more.

More baking going on. We made banana walnut monkey bread.

Last weekend we had a bad wind storm that lasted over 24 hours with winds up to 70 mph. We ended up losing power, thankfully it was only for a few hours. It also took a toll on the kids swing set. It started to go for a walk. Once it warms up we are hoping it can just get moved back into place, re anchored and bolts tightened back up.

All the kids off school means a fun play date.

~ What I Am Dreading ~

Nothing at the moment

~ What I'm Working On ~

Brian has finished the basement for the most part. Time to start organizing everything again down there. 

My big project I need to start working on is going through baby clothes that I have saved from Ella and Austin. Decide what I am going to keep and what I want to see or just donate.

I need to get back to some sort of organization. I have slacked on our family calendars, meal planning, meal prepping, my blog, ... Now that I am having more energy I need to get my life back in order.

~ What I Am Excited About ~

Tomorrow I have my anatomy ultra sound. Even though we are not finding out the sex it is still exciting to see our little bundle of joy again. 

~ What I Am Watching ~

I feel like I am the only one over here still watching the Bachelor. All the girls I really liked got sent home. If I had to pick from the final three I would pick Cassie, but I still feel like they make out a lot but don't have real conversations. 

~ What I Am Reading ~

I have only been reading this for two months, not reading very much. One of my goals for the year is to read 12 real books, not on the kindle. This has become more of a struggle since I can't lay on my back and it is hard to read while on my side. I need to figure something out. 

~ What I Am Listening To ~

Umm Nothing. I haven't been in the mood for my podcasts. Right now the TV in our house is off and Austin in playing with blocks. 

~ What I Am Wearing ~

Whatever fits. I have invested in a few pair of high waisted maternity leggings, and I pulled out some of my maternity shirts. Otherwise I am in yoga pants and oversized tank tops that still cover my growing belly. 

~ What We Are Doing This Weekend ~

We need to make a trip to the library and grocery shopping. I am hoping to go through some of Ella's clothes with her since she has to many for her drawers, says some don't fit, some are to itchy, and some she just plain won't wear. 

~ What I Am Looking Forward To Next Month ~

Girl Scout cookies finally come in for us next month. (in like 6 days). Our troop also has 2 cookie booths we are hosting. My house will be filled with cookies. 

Being pregnant and Fat Tuesday go hand in hand. I need all the paczki's. 

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  1. I too normally love girl scout cookie time!! My niece Madelyn is selling and I am on a diet! I had a wonderful solution though - I bought them and donated to the troops - they need the calories WAY more then me! HA! Annster's Domain


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