Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. Another week is coming to an end. I am ready for a half busy weekend, Saturday we have plans but nothing planned but relaxing (hopefully) on Sunday. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We enjoyed the first day of Spring, which actually had decent weather and got our FREE Dairy Queen cone to celebrate. This big boy ate his whole small cone. I had to help when it started to drip down his hands, he wasn't a fan of that. 

~ TWO ~

I stepped out of my comfort zone again and took Austin grocery shopping with me. We needed food and Brian has had a busy week at work that our schedules just didn't mix for me to go alone. He did awesome. We went to Fresh Thyme, he got his own cart and helped himself to food. As you can see two boxes of animal cookies. The only bad thing was this carts wheels suck. All four wheels go in different directions. Austin was driving sideways half the time. I was afraid he was going to hit an end cap that was all glass. 


This hit home this week. Especially when I had been having a rough mental week and really could use a drink to help relax. 

~ FOUR ~

Austin had a much needed play date which also consisted of watching the garbage trucks. 

It also means mommy got some much needed adult conversations. The kids were good for the most part. There was a little crying over "getting bite by a dinosaur" but no one was harmed. 

~ FIVE ~ 

I saved the best for last. Last night Ella was the first one to feel the baby move. The baby was very active before dinner. I was even able to see movement on the outside my belly. By the time Brian had finished dishes to come feel the baby had calmed down. Ella was also the first one to feel Austin move when he was in my tummy. 

Hope you have a great weekend. I am also linking up with Whitney for High 5 for Friday

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