Girl Scout Thin Mint Brownies

This is no way sponsored by Girl Scouts. This past Sunday I was craving chocolate and something "minty" for St. Patrick's day and didn't just want a cookie. It is Girl Scout cookie season in our house so there are cookies laying around. I decided to mint up some brownies with cookies I had laying around the house.  I had my handsome little man help crushing cookies too. 
I forgot to take a picture of the brownies as they didn't last long in our house. This isn't a 

Girl Scout Thin Mint Brownies

Package of brownie mix
ingredients listed on brownie mix
1 sleeve Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies

1- Follow direction on package of brownie mix.
2- Crush one sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, we used a ice cream scoop.
3- Mix crushed Thin Mints with brownie mix.
4- Pour into desired baking pan. Bake per directions on package.
5- Serve.
6- Enjoy!!!

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