5 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring is here in full force. The birds are chirping, the weather is warming up, rain is falling, flowers are starting to bloom, and the days are getting longer. Spring Break is finally here for us, but Ella is away for vacation with her father. For me that means no schedule and lots of free time and one on one time with Austin. I am going to be productive and force myself to start nesting some and get this house cleaned. Here comes:

I created this 5 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge to help inspire and guide you (and me) in some cleaning and organizing. Sometimes we all just need that little kick in the butt to get things done. Plus who doesn't love a clean house. It has been proven that having a de-cluttered and clean space helps to give you less anxiety and stress. 

The phrase "Spring Cleaning" can be scary but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Breaking down the steps and spreading it out over a few days makes it easy to tackle. We have already started doing little things around the house that has needed done. 

Depending on your own house, how many rooms, how large, how much time you spend, how much de-cluttering you need to do, etc. This challenge could take you more than 5 days, but it is a great start to get you motivated.

I have come up with a 5 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge. Broken down into Kitchen, Bathroom, Up High, Down Low, and Bedrooms. You can download your copy of the challenge by signing up for the All Adrienne Monthly Newsletter.

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I will be sharing my cleaning throughout each day on my Instagram stories. You can follow along and feel free to tag me in your Spring Cleaning. Happy Spring Cleaning !!! 

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