Coffee Talk Confessions

Happy Tuesday. Austin and I are enjoying our Spring Break, but still missing our Ella. I have gotten some stuff done, not necessarily since she isn't here but because I am 26 weeks pregnant and the reality has hit that I need to find some motivation before this baby comes. 

Today I am sharing a few confessions:

~ I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones and I have no desire to.

~ I started watching Gossip Girl from the very beginning again.

~ I have been slacking on taking pictures. I didn't take one picture on Easter.

~ I have done nothing, I mean nothing to prepare for this baby's arrival. That's a lie. I got a bassinet from a girlfriend and bought a pacifier. Beyond that I haven't started going through any clothes or setting up space for a make shift nursery or moving the kids into one room yet.

~ I have had a horrible sweet tooth this pregnancy. I have eaten way more junk in the past 6 months that I have eaten in the previous 3 years. It has caught up with me and I failed my 1 hour glucose test. I go tomorrow for the 3 hour one.

~ I am in desperate need of getting my eyebrows done. I stopped plucking in thought that I was going to go get them waxed. Now to really get it done, I have only been saying this since before Christmas. 

~ Before getting pregnant I was working out everyday. Since the day I saw that double line on the pregnancy test I have not worked out. I have been doing some stretches to help with pain but that's it. I really miss working out.

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