Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. I am excited for the weekend. The weather is suppose to be decent, I have Ella again this weekend, and hoping I have a good weekend, unlike last weekend. Thinking positive thoughts, hoping to get outside and enjoy SPRING!!!!!!

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We got our dripping bathtub fixed a few weeks ago. I finally enjoyed a bath that didn't turn cold real quick three nights in a row. It was much needed relaxing after a few stressful days. I am scheduling more bath time to help me relax and help with pain.

~ TWO ~

Where is Austin? (He is behind the door). I guess this is his new hiding spot when daddy yells at him. Once he was done crying he crawled up in bed with me and cuddled. 


Pink Shirt- My belly
Little Foot- Austin sleeping next to me but having to touch me.
What you don't see is baby in my belly kicking foot on my belly.

~ FOUR ~

One of my cravings has been tacos. All kinds of tacos from breakfast tacos, to taco bowls, crunchy tacos, you name a taco I probably want it. This past week I made homemade "walking" tacos. But instead of buying small bags of Doritos I bought a big bag and just crumbled in a bottom of the bowl. Leftovers are even better. 

~ FIVE ~

I am so excited about the collaboration I am doing with Jord watches. I got to sample one of their new watches and doing a giveaway. Check out my full review HERE or just enter the giveaway HERE

~ SIX ~

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Hope you have a great weekend. I am also linking up with Whitney for High 5 for Friday

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