Let's Look- Pantry

Hey friends. Happy Wednesday. I am joining in on the monthly link up with Erika and Shay. Let's Look! 

 Each month we are discussing different areas of our life. Today we are looking at our pantries. 

I have to start by saying I hate our pantry.
  • The location isn't convenient
  • It is horribly small 
  • I can't seem to get a good organization going
  • Its touches an outside wall the isn't insulted well, in the winter everything is cold
  • The shelves are spaced weird
  • The shelves are different sizes
We honestly haven't done anything to the layout of the pantry since we moved in. If stay in this house for longer than a year or so and redo out kitchen the pantry will be redone as well. I see all these beautiful, organized, well lit, accessible pantries online that I am just in awe of, those are some dream kitchen goals. 

The small door on the right is our pantry, right next to our side door to the house. (We honestly don't use the side door very often and the pantry door is normally left open.

Our pantry is down a few stairs from the kitchen. 

The door of the pantry has most of our canned goods, and odds and ends like sandwich bags and foil.

The top shelf has baking supplies, paper plates, crackers, and Brian and my lunch boxes. (not that I use mine anymore since I no longer work). Te next shelf is cereals, pancake mix, oatmeal, syrup, pasta, quinoa, rice, and potatoes. I also hang odds and ends in plastic freeze bags like chewy bars. 

The next shelf down has pasta sauces, extras like jelly and salsa, boxed soups, and more canned goods. 
The bottom two shelves/floor are containers with baking supplies, vinegars, chicken stock, etc. 

My pantry is somewhat organized. I know where stuff is and can tell you where it is. It feels cluttered and a mess and isn't pretty. Hopefully the next house will be better. Do you have any suggestions that are affordable to help my pantry? Do you have your dream pantry?

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  1. I want a big pantry! Yours looks great!

  2. I have no dedicated pantry. I basically use an old shelving unit from Target that's plunked next to my fridge.

  3. I think as long as you know where everything is; that's battle #1.


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