Weekend Wrap Up with lots of Sunshine and Weekly Menu

Happy Monday. We had such a wonderful weekend. It is finally feeling like Spring: sunshine, warmer weather, fresh air, and birds chipping. We spend most of our weekend outside enjoying it. 

Friday after school the kids started their weekend outside. I organized my Girl Scout supplies and straightened up a little. Then I relaxed while my kids dug in the dirt, chalked, did flips... normal kid stuff. Brian surprised us with pizza from a new to use pizza place that was delicious. It is on the opposite side of town and it would take forever to pick up during dinner time and rush hour on a normal Friday. (Ella didn't like the pizza, her favorite is Little Cesar's that we never get). After dinner we just had a relaxing evening before the kids bedtime. 

Saturday started off bright and early at 7am. My kids don't sleep in on weekends. Austin woke us up then went and cuddled with Ella to wake her up. I have to say he was so excited to have his sister home for another weekend of having a full time play mate. 

After a quick breakfast Brian headed off to work and I took the kids to my parents for a play date, to plant a tree, and to pick up a rocking chair. Ella had come home from school on Thursday with a tree that needed planted. She said we couldn't plant it at our house because we plan on moving to a bigger house. She said we had to plant it at MeMaw's house because she is never going to move. It was the cutest sweetest thing ever. Ella insisted on calling MeMaw and telling her with all the excitement. Papaw wasn't so excited. 

We opted to plant the tree temporarily in a pot. This way if it gets to cold, we still live in Ohio and there is still a chance of snow, my dad can bring it in the house. All 3 kids had to take a turn digging and breaking up the soil.

Ella has a plan in her head where she is going to plant this tree and what her and Claudia (her cousin) are going to do with the tree when it gets bigger. The tree paper said it grows to 25-35 feet. I forgot what kind of tree it is. 

When it came to the actual planting Papaw got his hands dirty and helped.

Here is Ella's tree, with a stick standing next to it for support. 

My parents had gotten new furniture and offered me their old comfy rocking chair. I loved using it over there to sleep on when I couldn't get comfortable and it is great for breastfeeding. I couldn't say Yes fast enough. Now I just have to deep clean it to remove all the pet hair since Brian is allergic. 

I drove home scenic route, aka right along Lake Erie in hopes that Austin would fall asleep. It takes about the same amount of time than taking the highway but has better views. He feel asleep 10 minutes before we got home. We rested at home for about 45 minutes then headed off to my in-laws for dinner and game night. The kids and I stayed for dinner and dessert then left so the other adults could be adult games. Brian stayed and his brother brought him home. 

Sunday started off with our normal bacon and pancake breakfast. Then we jumped right into the day with a long to do list. First up was decorate for Easter. The kids love hanging the window clings so they had to wash the windows first also. 

We are celebrating Easter next Sunday, only a week early but time is surely flying. We did some decorating but I didn't put up everything and didn't end up buying anything new this year, even though I saw so much stuff I want. 

Austin was so proud of himself for taking my Easter Eggs on sticks and putting them in my the soil of my tree. It has since turned into a game of moving the eggs different spots and hiding them in the dirt. 

Brian and his Uncles fixed the kids swing set that moved and was unstable from our last wind storm. It is now nice and secure and the kids can have hours more of playing. 

Ella took a break from playing outside to come inside and bake chocolate cupcakes she had been asking to make for a little over a week. What she really wanted to do was make a cake and cover the whole thing with sprinkles and put sprinkles and chocolate chips in the cake mix also, but I had to tell her that would be a big tummy ache and not everyone would eat that. 

After the cupcakes were out of the oven Ella and I did our grocery shopping. While we were away Austin took his nap. 

After shopping and nap time it was time to go back outside and play some more. Ella was able to dig both Austin and her bike out of the garage.  

I am hoping this year that Ella can learn to ride without training wheels, (and Austin to pedal and not use the ground). Ella had previously said she was going to have training wheels until she is 12, she is something else. 

Austin spent lots of time digging in the flower beds. He normally doesn't touch them once the flowers are planted and fresh mulch is laid. Yesterday though he dug up my iris bulbs and tried to pull my tulips. We had to have a talk, and Brian had to replant my bulbs. 

Ella left me a love note on the sidewalk. "I Love You Mommy to mommy from Ella"

It started to look like rain and was getting dinner time. The kids and I came inside and made dinner. After dinner the kids got to frost their cupcakes. Austin ate his cupcake instead of frosting it. Ella half frosted her cupcakes and put a lot of sprinkles on them. We will work on her being the next baking star, but then again I suck at baking too.

We ended the evening with baths for both kids, and had chocolate banana pudding that I had made earlier in the day for dessert. It was a wonderful fun weekend. I had overdone it by everything I did around the house and outside. I was in so much pain I went to bed early laying on a heating pad having a lot of problems rolling over throughout the night. I am happy I woke up feeling better this morning, but still taking it easy. 

Here is our menu this week:

Sunday: bbq chicken, air fried green beans, sauteed green beans, and instant pot corn on the cob

Monday- Alfredo Pasta
Tuesday- Sheet Pan Pineapple Chicken
Wednesday- Pork Chops with Broccoli and noodles
Thursday- Burgers and fries
Friday- Homemade pizza with two ingredient dough
Saturday- Leftover
Sunday- Easter dinner at my parents

Hope you had a great weekend. We are loving the gorgeous weather and can't wait for it to stick around for good.

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