30 weeks update

To say time is flying is an understatement. We have 10 weeks but probably less until we meet our bundle of joy. We are no way prepared for the arrival but we are getting there and when it happens it happens and we will make due. Because really are you ever 100% prepared?

The past few weeks have been a blur or craziness. Here a quick update:

- We finally got a infant car seat. Target was having their car seat trade in event. One of my girlfriends had an old car seat she no longer needed and gave it to us. We traded it in and got 20% our new car seat. It is a Baby Trend to go along with the jogging stroller we already have. 
- After checking my sugar at least 4 times a day for 10 days I am no longer being treated for gestational diabetes. All my sugar levels where good. 
- Since hitting the third trimester mark my Hyperemesis gravidarum has gotten worse again. It had only really been an issue in the morning and I could prevent it with taking pills and eating as soon as I woke up. Now It is hitting randomly through out the day with no warning. 
- Last week I had an weird few hours where my heart rate was above 120 for over 2 hours. I wasn't doing anything or stressing to make this happen. I called the doctor and was advises to rest with my feet up and drink lots of water. If it was still up in a few more hours to call back. Thankfully it went back down and I haven't had an issues since. But now this is something else we need to keep an eye on.
- Pregnancy brain is a real thing. I have been so forgetful. I showed up to my last doctors appt 15 minutes late really thinking I was suppose to be there at 10:50 but it was for 10:30. I have went to pick up Ella twice from her fathers without bringing her clothes. 
- My next appointment is on June 7th. I will be 32 almost 33 weeks. We will be deciding it we are taking our vacation or not, which is a 17 hour drive to the beach. 

Time for some pregnancy highlights for this week.
How Far Along Are You: 30 weeks
Size of Baby according to the bump: Zucchini 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 8 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: Yes and No. Comfy shorts and bigger workout tanks I can still wear. Otherwise I am in maternity shorts and shirts. 
Gender: Team green, we decided not to find out. I am still thinking girl.
Movement: All the time. 
Sleep: Most nights ss long as I get comfortable I can sleep until I have to pee. Other nights insomnia kicks in and there is no sleeping.
Cravings: Rootbeer floats 
Symptoms: Cramping, feeling lots of kicking and movements, leg pain, peeing all the time
Best Moment (s) this week: The love both Austin and Ella have for the baby in my belly. 

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