Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. May is here, weather has been wet but not freezing. We have gotten to enjoy being outside some, and planning so much more. I am excited to have Ella back since she was on vacation with her father and have some fun plans scheduled for this weekend with her. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

While Ella was on vacation with her dad last week Austin was extra lovely. I will take all the kisses I can get. 

~ TWO ~

Austin made his own "golf club" at Memaws and found a ball to hit down the hallway. He may need a little golf set for his birthday. 


Ella is home and they have been mostly loving. Lots of cuddling and playing together nicely.

~ FOUR ~

I surprised Austin by taking him to the zoo for a Mother Son date. We have a membership that we don't seem to use enough. It was a gorgeous day to get out and enjoy it. Austin asked if he could take a bubbles with the tiger. 

But he did not want to take a nap with this big kitty. 

Austin goes through spurts where he is attached to a stuffed animal. The last few days it has been this Mickey Mouse. It had been months since he carried anything around. He was very good with not losing him at the zoo. Most of the time he left him in the stroller. 

He insisted on sitting on the wolf. This statue is a staple of photos. 

One of the last animals we saw this trip was "Ho Ho's reindeer. He stood there and talked to them for a little while then decided he was done and wanted to go home. He ended up falling asleep in the car. Austin was so well behaved and walked half of what we did. I was so proud of him.

~ FIVE ~

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  1. Love the big smooch picture! Have a great weekend.

  2. We just love trips to the zoo! It's always fun to watch the animals (though my boys are waay to big to take photos with the statues anymore).


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