Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. Another week behind us, closer to the end of the school year and this baby in my belly arrival. We have a fun weekend planned with a mother/daughter surprise date, family cook out, and lots of family time. I can't for the weekend to officially begin.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Precious moments, unplanned, for no reason. Little mommy helping dad get ready for work one morning. When did she grow up? Since this day which was probably like two weeks ago Ella as been doing Brian's cologne for him every morning. She will pick out which one she wants to use and spray it on his. It is really sweet and cute. 

~ TWO ~

There has been lots of yard work going on outside. Cutting grass, moving dirt, planting flowers, etc. Austin has been enjoying helping dad. Even if he becomes a dirty mess.

~ THREE ~ 

Last week Ella took it upon herself to make a menu for this week. We have somewhat went by her menu so far. Instead of Steak on Monday we had it on Sunday. Yesterday we did not have mac n cheese we had leftovers. Tonight Brian isn't home and Ella leaves early to go to her dad's so we are not having burgers. 

~ FOUR ~

It has finally started to feel like Spring outside. Warmer temperatures, and sunshine means a lot more time outside. We received Bare Republic mineral sunscreen sport SPF 30 to try and review from Moms Meet. So far we are loving it. No sun burns, great smell, and added bonus it doesn't have horrible harmful chemicals like most sunscreens. 

~ FIVE ~

Taco Tuesday. When I went grocery shopping mango's were on sale to make homemade mango salsa and avocado's bonus they were both ripe when I was ready to use them. 

~ SIX ~

30 weeks counting. Brian's plan for this weekend is to get as much ready as we can for baby's arrival just in case we have an early arrival again and one less thing to worry about. You can read my 30 week update here.


Some days are a fight to get these two to drink period. Austin drink of choice is water (I'm not complaining) Ella's is normally chocolate milk. Sometime you just need to switch things up. We received Apple & Eve VoxBox from Influenster that came with two organic flavored water "juice boxes" and two organic juices. The kids loved them and keep asking me to go buy more. 


Mommy's handsome little helper. He helped make oatmeal banana muffins and oatmeal banana cookies. I really think he just wanted to steal the chocolate chips. 

Hope you have a great weekend. I am also linking up with Whitney for High 5 for Friday

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  1. Look at that big baby belly; I love it!! I have been looking for a new sunscreen to try. My boys will only use the spray ones and I do hate how they smell. We'll have to try that brand.


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