Happy Mother's Day

Happy Monday and Happy Belated Mother's Day. We had an family filled enjoyable Mother's Day weekend. It may have not been perfect, but when is life ever perfect, especially with kids. 

I had a rough night Saturday night into Sunday. Austin had ventured into our bed in the middle of the night and ended up kicking me out. Plus third trimester insomnia has started. I was up at 5am and on the couch. I may have doozed off for a few minutes here and there but nothing remarkable. Before than I was also tossing and turning all night in bed. I ended up starting my day around 730. We were hosting brunch for 15 people and needed to finish getting the house ready and start cooking. Plus I had to pick Ella up from her dad's at 10am. I got everything I needed/wanted to get done by 9:45 and headed out the door to pick up my princess but forgot to grab her clothes. (signs of pregnancy brain). Thankfully her father just let her come home in what she was already wearing and he will get those clothes back next time she is with him.  

Most of the day Austin was a brat. He wanted nothing to do with me. Wouldn't kiss me, wouldn't say "I love you" etc. Joys of a three year old. He did however give the baby in my belly lots of love. 

Before everyone arrived Ella gave me a few Mother's Day gifts. I love this frog and turtle welcome garden figurine. I love frogs in case you didn't know. Austin tried to claim it though and put it in his room. It will go outside once we finish all our flower beds, it just needs to warm up outside first. 

Ella was also in a mood yesterday. She was tired from being at her dad's (which means she didnt get a good nights sleep) and kept saying everyone was mean to her. She did give me this sweet note telling me she loves me it brought tears to my eyes. 

Brunch went smoothly. We had so much food, I didn't take a picture of anything. The kids were pretty well behaved minus Austin making a mess with blocks in the living room. You can't expect kids not to play. To eat Brian made a modified version of the Sausage Egg Casserole, which everyone always loves. Bacon, berry salad, mini hoagie turkey sandwiches, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and blueberry lemon cinnamon roll bake. Everything was so delicious. 

After most people left and we straightened up the house we did a few family photos. Yesterday I was officially 29 weeks. 

This may took some bribing as someone didn't want pictures but it turned out cute. (Austin would not get a picture with just me or Ella and me)

Happy Mother's Day from our growing family. 

Brian was great yesterday (as always) with helping clean and get everything ready. He tried to make it so I didn't have to do to much, even though I did cleaning that I knew needed to get done and I wanted to do. 

This years gifts was flowers flowers flowers which I am not complaining about. I love flowers. Brian got me these. I love all the colors. 

These were from Brian's mom. 

My parents got me these flowers to plant. I can't wait to put them in one of my Mickey pots (I hope they fit). 

These two flowers Ella brought home from school on Friday. The school PTA has a plant sale (which is free some years) and each kid gets two flowers to take home. The pot Ella made last year and we saved it. I am going to have seal it this year it is starting to fade. 

After everyone left I laid down and took a much needed nap. After my nap we went and got dinner and picked our the new carseat that we ordered from Target during the trade in event. We are getting closer and closer to being ready and to having this baby. 

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and Mother’s Day as well!! 

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  1. Oh I remember that third trimester and sleeping so awful... after I realized it was mother's nature's way of training me to pretty much never get to sleep a full night again for quite some time. Sounds like you had a pretty nice mother's day. We had the moms here for dinner and my husband and boys did all the work for it yesterday! It was so nice to relax, read and just chill until everyone showed up.

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