Summer Vacation Week 1

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Happy Monday. It is crazy to think that our first full week of summer vacation is in the books. This summer is going to go by so fast. I have decided again this year instead of just doing a weekend wrap up, I will be doing a weekly recap of all the fun stuff we have been doing this summer. I will try (key word is try) to keep it short, and not overwhelming with photos, but we all know how that goes. 

~ Thursday June 6 ~

First day of summer calls for some jump splits of excitement. 

The morning started off with some reading and playing school. Austin loves to be read to and Ella loves to do the reading so it usually works out very well. 

First lunch of summer: grilled cheese, fresh fruit, and a brownie. This year we are trying something new. We are making a menu for lunches as well as dinner. That way I don't hear I'm hungry 5 million times a day, the kids don't ask for mac and cheese everyday, and they get some variety. 

Since a little man didn't want to take a nap we ended up outside enjoying some chalk and running free. 

Since Austin didn't take a nap he had an early bed time. I don't think he is fully ready to be on team No Naps and I am ok with that. 

Ella and Brian started their new weekly tradition of going to a local park and going hiking. 

We are very fortunate to live by some amazing metro parks with great hiking, walking, and biking trails that have amazing views. 

~ Friday June 7 ~

National Donut Day. We may have not got the selection of donuts we were hoping for but you can never go wrong with any kind of donut.

Another morning filled with reading. 

That afternoon I had a prenatal doctors appointment. Both kids went to my moms for a few hours then Ella went to her dads for the weekend and Austin came home with me.

We ended our Friday night with Brian cutting the grass and Austin riding his bike, which happens to be his new favorite thing.

~ Saturday June 8 ~

Saturday was a low key day. Since Ella was at her dad's for the weekend I organized and purged her room. Without even touching clothes I removed 5 garbage bags full of stuff out of her room, and one huge box of stuff to be donated. 
Brian and I were invited to his sister in-laws surprise birthday party that evening. Brian and Austin ended up going without me. I over did it cleaning and was in way to much pain and just couldn't get comfortable. It ended up being an early night for me. 

~ Sunday June 9 ~

Sunday was lazy day. We did some catching up on the dvr and playing blocks, cars, and trains most of the day. For dinner that evening we headed to my in-laws house to celebrate my sister in laws birthday as a family. 

~ Monday June 10 ~

Monday turned out to be another lazy pretty low key day. I wasn't feeling well and the kids weren't behaving very well either. I also was getting the run around with insurance and doctors and making a cardiologist appointment for myself. 

When Brian got home from work he helped Ella with her Make It Monday. Last week she decided she wanted to make brownies. 

I ended up laying down to rest after dinner. I woke up to all this random "I Love You" notes all over the house. 

There were short notes and long ones. 

She left them for Brian and I. I am still finding them around the house a week later. There has been at least 20 of them. 

At one point during the evening I was laying on the couch relaxing by myself. The I get company. I am facing the back of the couch. Austin climbs over me and squeezes between the couch and my baby belly. Then Ella comes and lays at our head. It was cute and sweet, but the couch is not big enough for all of us. Why can't they be so sweet and we all lay down in bed. 

~ Tuesday June 11 ~

Tuesday is reading/learning day. Every Tuesday Austin has speech therapy. The plan is to every other week or so to go to the library. Last week we had a lot of books from our last trip at home unread so we skipped hitting up the library. We did however spend the reading the books. 

After therapy we came home and had lunch outside. Ella wanted to have a picnic in the yard until she saw an ant then she was fine with sitting at the table. 

The rest of the day was spend enjoying the gorgeous weather and sunshine and playing outside. 

I started my first summer reading book. 

~ Wednesday June 12 ~

Wednesday we hosted a surprise play date. If the kids didn't behave before hand the play date would have been cancelled. Ella waited patiently to see who her surprise was. She named off a bunch of her friends, but none of them were her surprise. 

The surprise was my girlfriend Heather and her four kids. When she got to my house. The kids had to sit down and listen to me lecture them on messes and behaving and no crying. If they wanted to come back this week they had to clean up their messes and not fight. 

It ended up being another gorgeous day. We spent part of the time outside on the swing set. It is a little harder with 6 kids, one is a baby who doesn't like the grass. My girlfriends kids don't get to go to play ground often so her son had problems swinging, and her one daughter has spina bifida and could only do the slide and needed help on the steps to get up.

Overall they did pretty good outside. It will be something we work on each week. Plus sharing.

Speaking on baby Brianna. She is officially 1. She decided she no longer likes me, has a big stranger danger fear, won't let her mother out of her sight, little brat. I only got this picture because I sat on the floor with her and I let her play with my phone. (she isn't just this way with me she is this way with everyone)

Now on the other hand she became best friends with Ella. 

Brianna ever let Ella cuddle her for a little bit.

The kids actually were pretty well behaved, besides Brianna's crying. They helped clean up their messes and got along for the most part. We will work on getting 3 year old boys to share. 

Brian and Ella kept up with their weekly tradition of going for a hike. This time it wasn't so muddy but the water was still high. 

Ella is loving this bonding time and keeps asking when they get to go again.

~ Thursday June 13 ~

Thursday was a rest day. After a busy day on Wednesday with 6 kids and I knew I had a busy weekend ahead I needed a break. Ella complained a lot this day. She thinks I should be her personal play mate all summer long. Unfortunately she has a rude awakening. We don't spend money on toys, crafts, barbies, legos, etc for her to tell me a million times a day I'm bored.  
Austin tried fighting a nap again. He sat down to eat a snack and this is what happened. See he still needs his naps. (mommy still needs his naps too)

~ Friday June 14 ~

Friday morning I had an appointment with a cardiologist. Little pregnancy update I have been having random rapid heartbeat for no reason that lasts extended periods of time. My apple watch has been picking up heart rates above 120 bpm when I am just sitting doing nothing that has lasted up to 2 hours for no reason. This has happened a few times and I have also been dealing with shortness of breath (that I think is just part of being pregnant). My ob-gyn referred me to a cardiologist to get checked out just to be safe. My EKG came back "pretty normal" as he worded it. I go for a heart echo in a few weeks for more results.

After the appointment Brian stayed home with Austin, Ella and I had a little girls date. We headed to the mall to pick up some clothes I had ordered online and to try and find a father's day present. After getting aggravated with traffic, stupid people, store changes, and lack of workers we didn't find anything for father's day. But we still enjoyed our mother daughter date. 

We ended our Friday night with family game night. Only the two playing the game was Austin and Brian. Austin decided he wanted to use my baby belly as a pillow. Ella's new favorite game is battleship.

~ Saturday June 15 ~

Saturday we did all our father's day celebrating. But I forgot to take pictures. Austin decided to wear shorts that were to big. Brian made him a belt. He lasted it in all day. 

 We had my parents and niece over breakfast and a little play date for the kids. We had sausage gravy, biscuits, cheesy eggs, sausage links, and some pastries. 

After they left we had a quick nap time then off to my in-laws to celebrate fathers day over there and also my father in laws birthday. 

While all the adults were upstairs talking Ella and I were in the basement playing talking Battleship. Both kids did not behave so we called it an early night. 

~ Sunday June 16 ~

Sunday was the real Father's Day. We had bacon and pancakes for breakfast. Then the kids got their cards and gifts ready to give dad. 

Ella picked out a sand art craft for them to do together and lawn darts to play as the presents to give Brian. 

The sand art was a cute heart that Ella insisted she made right then before her father picked her up. 

Austin Brian and I ended up having a relaxing day. We did a little shopping, had Penn Station for dinner and tried to stay dry.

Austin even got a toy roller truck that he had been asking for, for only like 3 weeks. We surprisingly found a small one at the Dollar Tree and he was happy as can be. 

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