Fall Fashion

Summer is back in Ohio. It was starting to feel like fall with temps in the lows 70 and upper 60s. Now we are back in the upper 80s with temps feelin like 98 degrees. Bring back the fall weather and cooler temps. Last week I linked up with Emily and Sarah for Fall Favorites. This week we are sharing our Fall Fashion. 

Even though we had a week or so with fall weather I have yet to bring out my fall clothes. I have a few go to staples. 

Plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and cowgirl boots. I have 2 plaid shirts I have had for years, jeans are either Old Navy or Kohls, and boots were from JCP years ago. You will normally find me in a Disney sweatshirt. I need to expand my wardrobe this fall. 

I am in a need of a new pair of boots and have been eyeballing these. 

This cardigan with pockets looks so comfy cozy. I had one that I loved but wore it to the hair salon a few times when I was still working or helping out and now it has hair in it I can't get out. 

You can never go wrong with velvet soft black leggings

I also need a new light weight zip up hoodie. 

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  1. I have missed my hoodie!! I have one much like the one you posted - that I actually received as a hand me down, and I'm pretty sure it was brand new. I love it and wear it ALL THE TIME in the fall and spring!

  2. Ohhh that cardigan looks so cozy! I love the cowboy boots, too!


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