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Since being a mom of 3 I have been buying a lot more off Amazon instead of running to the store.  I am linking up with Tanya to share some of my recent Amazon Prime purchases.

~ Baby ~

Little Remedies Stuffy Nose Kit

School has already been back in session for a week. Colds, germs, and allergies are going around. I am getting prepared for what could possibly passed to my little one with this Little Remedies Stuffy Nose Kit. I love the small nose aspirator. It is amazing at sucking boogers our of little noses. I had one with both my older kids also.

I wanted a Diaper Bag Backpack for baby this time around. Chasing two other kids and having a newborn calls for things to be a little easier. I love that my kids can help me out and carry the backpack, it hands on the stroller and still gives me room to store other items, and it has insulated pockets for when we have to bring a bottle along. 

Sheets for babies bassinets can be so expensive. We were at Target and found one for $16. I decided to go on Amazon and found this cute stars and moon bassinet sheet for only $5. It soft and fits perfectly. 

Every kid needs a lovey. I had a hard time finding one that I liked, I know its for the baby. I saw this Snow White lovey and thought it would be perfect for Audrianna once she is old enough to get attached. 

I never had a sound machine with my other kids, but I have heard so many great things about sound machines and white noise for babies sleep. We decided to give one a try. I love this My Baby Sound Spa Lullaby it has different sounds and projections. We use it every night and even brought it on vacation with us.

~ Kids ~

This year we are kicking it up with our oil usage. The kids already use rollers for different things. Now they have their diffuser in their room that they are using every night to help them sleep better and have also used it already to help with their colds. 

We are probably the only house that still has an Iphone 4. Ella uses it as her "phone". It stays in the house and is used just for games, photos and occasionally youtube. The last charger we had finally broke. Stores don't carry the old larger chargers anymore so I had to buy online. So happy it was afford, came with Prime, and works great. 

Ella and Austin got bunk beds with the arrival of Audrianna. They also got new sheets for their beds. They are rough kids and the fitted sheets were not staying on well. It was hard for me to have to climb up in the top bunk every day postpardum to fix sheets. These Sheet Straps are working great. 

~ Breastfeeding ~

It was recommended to me to add Brewers Yeast daily to help my milk supply. I add a scoop to my shake or oatmeal everyday. You can't even taste it. 

Breastfeeding out in public isn't always easy when you don't want to expose yourself to everyone. This breastfeeding dress with pockets is easy to use, discreate, afforadable, and not noticably a breastfeeding dress. 

Where were these with my other two kids. The Bumble Bee Manual Breast Pump is another version of the Haaka. It makes collecting milk so easy instead of pumping all the time. 

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  1. I relied a lot on mail order when my kids were little; so much easier than schlepping them all to the stores.

  2. The diaper bag backpack looks so organized! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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