Weekend Wrap up and a Look a Head

Weekends go by way to fast. It was fun filled and I took it in without being attached to my phone the whole time. I still did get some photos though. 

~ Friday September 6 ~

Friday I had a pretty low key day. After Ella got home from school we decorated for Fall. (Pictures coming soon.) We had originally planned on going to the store but the kids next door were home, outside, and having a fire. Ella doesn't get to play with them very often so we had a change of plans. 

Day 1 of working towards being able to hold a plank for 60 seconds. I use to be able to plank for a few minutes. Things change when you have a baby. Making little goals to see changes.

This little cutie was a booger. She was moody and hungry. We spend most of the evening feeding and cuddling. 

~ Saturday September 7 ~

Can you guess what day it is. Saturday College Football, The Ohio State Football. His father dressed him. I can't talk much I also had on a Ohio State tank top and comfy pants.

Saturday morning we hit up a local bakery and got some breakfast. They were short staffed and didn't have much to choose from so the kids got cupcakes. I got a delicious Boston Cream Bomb. We grabbed breakfast then headed to our local outdoor mall that has a farmers market on Saturday mornings. We grabbed coffee from Starbucks found a bench and enjoyed our breakfast. 

The kids had to stop at the photo wall. Then we bought some produce for the week from the local Amish. 

Outside the Rocky Mountain Candy Company is this bear. I don't get this boy's infactuation with the bear. He wanted a picture with him and Ella wants nothing to do with the bear. 
We also stopped at Trader Joes to get some more groceries while we were there. I love Trader Joes but hate that you have to park in a parking garage so I won't go there with just me and the kids, it is always a family trip. 
Afterwards we headed home. Brian had an appoint to go to and Audrianna was getting hungry. When Brian was done with his appointment Aubriella and I went grocery shopping and bought a birthday gift for a party the kids had in a few hours. 
That afternoon Brian and his brother went to Cosco's (yes they are nuts) to get items for the year for tailgating. The kids had a birthday to attend for our neighbor. Thankfully the birthday party was in the backyard and I could pop in and out. Audrianna decided this time would be perfect to be a pig and eat and be grabby again.

After the party I got to meal prepping for the week. I cleaned all the produce then got to chopping and putting everything in bowls. 

It was another evening with a cuddly baby. This is the look of "Who Me?" At least she did let me get stuff done though.

~ Sunday September 8 ~

Sunday was just the kids and myself. Brian has season tickets with his brother and brother in laws for the Browns. They left bright and early at 6am to go tailgate. I attempted to make pumpkin pancakes. They didn't turn out so well. Brian normally makes them. I did enjoy some pumpkin coffee while burning a pumpkin candle. 

Austin and Aubriella supporting the Browns. (even though they ended up losing the game)

After lunch the kids and I headed over to my parents to celebrate both my parents birthdays. Aubriella and I ended up spending a lot of time in the bedroom with her feeding. 

Thankfully the 3 older kids mostly behaved for the day. They did a lot of building with legos and played outside. 

Since it was Sunday and a school night we headed home early to give the girls each a bath. Look at my crazy little princesses hair. 

Aubriella and Audrianna had their evening chit chat before heading to bed. 

Audrianna ended up falling asleep on top of me cheek to cheek. 
I ended my evening with a shower, bath, and a glass of wine. Relaxing after a busy weekend. Now onto a busy week ahead.

~ A Look at the Week Ahead ~

We have our first Girl Scout meeting for the year this evening. I am excited to get started. this year my co-leader is taking the lead and planning the meetings and badges we earn. With a new baby it is very welcomed. 

Wednesday Austin is spending the day with his Memaw again. We are planning to do this every week until my mom has to have kidney surgery for numerous kidney stones that are to large to pass. He gets one on one time with her and I get a little time at home with just Audrianna and am working on purging the house (espeically toys) without extra help. 

Friday Austin has is yearly doctors appointment. My mom is going to watch Audrianna so we don't have to take her to the doctor with a bunch of sick kids since she doesn't need to be there. Hopefully it goes well since she is still refusing to take a bottle. 

~ Menu ~
Monday- Eggroll in a Bowl
Tuesday- Quesadilla with chicken, cheese, bacon, tomato, peppers, onion, beans
Wednesday- Burgers and tots
Thursday- Loaded sweet potatoes with beans, quinoa, sausage, corn, onion
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Chili
Sunday- Leftovers

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