Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday. Monday was a very rough day and night with my Audrianna. We must be hitting another leap and she is back to not sleeping. My Sunday and Monday didn't go as planned so this post is coming at ya a little late. Overall we had a great weekend with lots of fun though.

~ Friday September 20 ~

Friday was Ella's school picture day. She just maybe a little bit extra. She picked out her fancy dress and asked me to curl her hair. 

Audrianna was awake a lot, alert, and happy. I tried putting in the hair bows she got when she was born and they are still to big. 

Austin found a new spot to sit. We walked to school to get Ella and came back with an extra child. Ella had a play date with a girl from down the street. They were so good and even let Austin play with them most of the time. 

Friday evening we had family over. One of Brian's sisters was visiting from Seattle and we hosted dinner for everyone to get together. While waiting for everyone to arrive Aubriella was taking photos with my phone and being a goof.

Aubriella was also taking photos of Audrianna and myself. My mom is updating all her photos in the house and needed a photo of Audrianna and I. I am always the behind the camera and not very many of me in front of the camera. Plus anymore Audrianna is normally attached to my boob so getting a picture of us not nursing is a struggle. I am very impressed with the photos she took. 

We had a great night with family. The kids were somewhat behaved. Austin was over tired and loving but aggressive with his love and kisses. Audrianna met her Uncle Anthony for the first time and she didn't cry. (she was sleeping when he held her though). Aunt Leah used her magic powers and got Audrianna to calm down. Otherwise she was crying or attached to my boob and I was stuck in the bedroom with her while everyone else was socializing. 

~ Saturday September 21 ~

Saturday started off with as a quiet morning. Brian left early to help a family friend move furniture then went to work showing houses. The kids and I had a low key morning. I also worked on folding laundry. 

Audrianna helped with me laundry also. She wasn't very happy about it though. Austin wouldn't leave her alone so I ended up taking her with me to switch laundry. I put her in the laundry basket to carry her upstairs. No she was not hurt in any way. She was sleeping, Austin woke her up so she wanted to eat instead of do laundry.

We finally found time to bake some brownies. We made regular brownies and lactation brownies. The lactation brownies I have separated into individual servings, put in zip lock bags in the freezer to have one each day. Every night I pull one out, warm it up and eat it as dessert. I don't feel bad about it because I know it is helping with my milk production. 

We surprised the kids and took them to Red Wagon Farm Pumpkin Festival. We have went here for the past years and love it. It is affordable, clean, fun, and small. 

First we started with the corn maze. (didn't take any photos in the maze.) Then we rode the hay ride. As you can tell by look at Austin it was hot. The temps were in the upper 80s. There was no shade. Audrianna had a hat on to help keep her cool also. There was a nice breeze most of the time.

We love this "haunted" hayride. There are scarecrows and huge spiders all over. The scare crows are doing different things from watching TV, grilling, getting married, playing volleyball, etc. The spiders are made out of huge round hay bails. It is fun to see what the kids got out of each little set up. Austin's favorite where the Christmas trees decorated for Halloween. Ella liked the wedding set up.

After the hayride we went to the car to all drink some water. Audrianna was hungry also. Brian started the van, turned on the air, and I hopped in the back seat to feed her. Brian took Aubriella and Austin to the kids play area that had a dark hay maze, wooden maze, corn pile, and slides. We ended out day with letting the kids pick pumpkins. The rule was they had to be able to carry it themselves. Ella picked a big one that we can carve. Austin got a small one for himself and Audrianna that work perfect for decorations. 

Later that evening we took Aubriella and Austin to my parents house for a few hours while. Brian, Audrianna, and myself went to his work picnic. The kids were great at my parents house. Brian and I also enjoyed getting away and having some adult conversations. (which Brian gets all the time with work, I don't)

~ Sunday September 22 ~

Sunday morning was gorgeous out. We headed for our favorite local donut and coffee places then headed to the kids favorite park. We normally walk through the woods after eating. Instead we walked a path that took you out over the water. 

Audrianna ate while we we eating (no surprise) then fell asleep enjoying the fresh air.

Austin's favorite part of the park is this thing that you can climb and it spins also.

Ella loves the zip line. 

Ella had a birthday party that afternoon. It was her first real drop off birthday party. She said it was the best birthday party ever because there was no parents there. It was a candy themed birthday and boy did they have a lot of junk and sugar. As soon as Ella got in the car her attitude started. I dont know if she was tired, hot (it was in the 90s) or on to much of a sugar high. It made for a very long evening. 

We headed to my parents house for dinner. Brian was at the Cleveland Browns game so it was just the kids and myself. Audrianna decided she wanted to eat pretty much the whole time we were there. 

Our original plan was to take all 4 grandkids to the sunflower fields and get photos to put up in my parents living room. We changed out minds. Kids were not listening, the fields were crazy busy, and it was really hot in the 90s. Instead we drove the 2 minutes to Lake Erie and took some pictures over looking the water. 

We took pictures of each kid individually then the 4 of them together. We send them all to my parents for them to decide what ones they would like to hang up.

After the photos we drove home. It was already after 7. It was bath night, school night, and time to get ready for bed. Audrianna was hungry again when we got home. Thankfully Aubriella was in a good mood and helped me get Austin ready for bed, with bedtime stories, and her shower. 

Overall we had a great fall fun weekend. 

~ Weekly Menu ~
Monday- Chicken stir fry
Tuesday - Grilled Cheese for kids Zoodles for me
Wednesday - Burgers
Thursday - Crockpot Chili
Friday - Homemade Pizza pockets

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