Prime Purchases

Another month and more purchases from Amazon. From vitamins, to birthday presents, to decorations and more.  I am linking up with Tanya to share some of my recent Amazon Prime purchases.

~ Decorations ~

I bought two of these Large Wooden Crates for our front porch. We stained and sealed them and have added fall decorations to them and soon Halloween decorations as well. You can see how we use them for decorating for Fall HERE

I can not wait to decorate for Halloween in a few days. Another blogger shared these cute reusable plastic 3D Bat Stickers. 

~ Vitamins ~

Back to school brings germs, colds, and the flu. We try to avoid all the above and especially with a new baby at home we are trying to all stay healthy. Elderberry is a great additive to help preventing getting sick and if you do get sick makes symptoms lesser and quicker. 

We are a big fan of Zarbees in our house. When I saw Zarbees made an Elderberry Gummy I decided to buy it without really reading to much into it. My kids take Zarbees cold and cough meds when needed I thought they were a kids line. When I got the bottle and read it, this specific one is recommended for ages 12+.My mistake. but not just sitting around. I am taking them instead. These Zarbees Elderberry Immune Support gummies are very tastey too.

Since I messed up on ordering the kids elderberry gummies the first time, a girlfriend recommended the Sambucol Black Elderberry gummies. Ella takes one everyday. (Austin wont take it stubborn 4 yr old)

~ Birthday Presents ~

Ella keeps asking for a bra. Her cousin got some for back to school, and she already has one sports bra that is hot pink that came with one of her leotards when she was doing gymnastics. I got her these Cami Top Bras. Hopefully she likes them.

Ella came home from school the other day and said they just finished reading The Wish Tree at school and she really liked it. I asked her what it was about. She started to explain than said "Mom we should just buy it. I really liked it and we could read it together and you would know what it is about" How do I say no to that. 

~ Breastfeeding ~

I am exclusively breastfeeding and pump when need to. (even though Audrianna is refusing a bottle) I have a Medela Double Pumping Breastpump. The other day I went to go pump and one side wasn't working. I figured out why it wasn't working and determined it was the Membrane. Even though this part is so small, it makes a huge difference if your pump works or not. I checked my local stores and everywhere was sold out. Amazon had it with two days Prime.

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  1. Aw, I just love that your daughter enjoyed the book so much she wants to read it again with you.

  2. I have heard so much about elderberry to fight off colds. Great finds this month. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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