Friday Favorites

Hey friends. Happy Friday. It has been a off week with day light savings time, lack of sleep, messed up schedules, no school on Tuesday, and colder temps means driving and not walking to school. I am ready for the weekend and hopefully get some normalcy back in our lives. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Austin is on a kick of reading to everyone. He grabs a book and makes up his own stories and shows you the pictures. It is adorable. He read 3 books to Audrianna the other day. I didn't notice they were holding hands until a girlfriend on Facebook pointed it out.

~ TWO ~

We brought my hibicus tree in the house a few weeks ago. We keep saying it is dieing. Then out of no where it decided to pop 13 buds and has 3 of these gorgeous yellow and pink flowers. Before the flowers were only yellow. Guess it is showing us it is not dead.


So this happened. Brian and the kids raked the leaves. That makes I have to put Audrianna in the leaves for the first time. She pretty much just layed there for a few minutes content. 

Then the kids got wild and covered her in leaves and she was done. 

Who doesn't love jumping, throwing, and playing in the leaves. It is the last bang of Fall.

~ FOUR ~

On Tuesday Austin has an in home speech evaluation from the school. Based on the one examine he is behind in his speech for his age, which we knew. He goes in a few weeks for an at school evaluation to see if he will get speech therapy at school once a week. They also recommended we sign him up for Preschool to help with his interaction with other kids and hopefully he learns to talk better from the as well. 
While Austin had his evaluation Ella was off school for voting day. My mom came and took Ella shopping and to lunch so she wouldn't distract Austin during his at home evaluation. They had bought him a sun catcher shark paint kid. He got to paint it that night and had so much fun. He is growing up so much.

~ FIVE ~

Audrianna is just so precious. I could sit all day and hold her and watch her sleep. When she is awake and playing it is so enticing to watch her facial expressions to see her thinking and exploring and her tongue sticks out (she is my kid). 

~ SIX ~

My girlfriend Heather surprised me with an impromtu visit on Thursday. She brought me the Disney Advent Calendar from Aldi's that has 24 books. I had looked at our Aldi's the day before and they were sold out. She just so happened to be shopping at her and they had a bunch left and she picked one up for me. I am so excited for Christmas even more. Then we had some adult time and the kids somewhat played. 


Our first snow. I was on Facetime with my mom and it was snowing at her house first (she lives further west and closer to Lake Erie). Austin saw then went and looked out our window and it wasn't snowing. He started to cry. He really wanted snow. Soon enough we got some snow at our house. He was so excited. Austin said "Now Santa can come." It was so adorable. Then it melted and he got sad again.


I had to go to Starbucks and get this years plastic reusable red cup. 

~ NINE ~

Austin just must have had a long day. After an impromtu play date, lots of reading, excitement of snow... he feel asleep sitting up eating his lunch. 

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  1. That first pictures is so sweet! My youngest is 2 and my oldest is 13 and it has been fun to see them interacting this week. The age gap makes is very sweet.

    1. I'm sure with your age gap the older one helps out a lot with the younger one too. My oldest is 8 and is a great help with the baby but not her brother.


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