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Happy Holidays. The craziness that comes with the holidays is in full swing. Add in a few sick kids, sleepless nights, a couple birthday celebrations, doctors appointments, Christmas shopping, helping a family in need, and everyday life ... You get the picture things are hectic. Here is a quick update of the fun stuff we have been up to.

Christmas lights through the eyes a baby. Audrianna is loving all the lights around the house. She will lay there in awe and star at the tree, or the kids bunk beds have lights on them, and she is love with a fiber optic Santa Claus. 

Everyday it is "I want to hold the baby". Sometimes it is a huge help so mommy can get things done. Other times it is the wrong time, she wants to eat or it is bed time. Aubriella sometimes gives me a heart attack by the way she holds her and makes her "fly" and thinks she is a big girl. But I will wouldn't change it for the world with their love and bond they have with each other. 

Austin and Audrianna had appointments with a urologist. Austin was for fluid around his kidney at birth that we had to follow up with once he was fully potty trained. He is good to go. At one time he had 5 doctors at once, he has grown, had surgery,  strived, and only has his pediatrician and speech therapy. 
Audrianna without going into details has a common baby girl problem that I am working on correcting, nothing serious at this time. 

After the doctors appointment we went out to dinner, which we haven't done in a long time. Austin was pretty well behaved. We went to a restaurant that we love their take out pizza, but wanted to try their sit down menu. The service was slow. They were dead and it still took a while for a server to come over take our order and get our food. It wasn't the most comfortable place to feed Audrianna, and I think she was just more tired and wanted her comfort boob than actually hungry so I gave her a french fry instead. She seemed to enjoy it. 

Brian took Aubriella and Austin to their first Brown's game for his birthday. They must have been the magic power because they WON!!!!!

Audrianna is 5 months old already. Where is the time going. (Not in the picture is Ella making funny noises and faces to make her smile)

I did this thing with my hair. I got a good 6 inches or so cut off. I asked for collar bone length. It is shorter than that, its above my shoulders but I still love it. No more horrible knots, I can still put in in a small pony tail and I have been wearing it down a lot more. 

Brian and I got to go Christmas shopping with just Audrianna as Grandma watched Austin on Friday night. I found this adorable Minnie Mouse hat at Kohls that I want. 

Brian and I also got out on Sunday for more Christmas shopping and a belated birthday lunch date at a new sushi restaurant. I was so excited to have sushi, this was my first real time since before I was pregnant with Audrianna (besides sushi from Fresh Thyme) It was really good, we will be going back again.

Audrianna is officially rolling over from her belly to her back. I laid her down the other night on the blanket in the living room, with Brian sitting there, and I went to get something from the kitchen. I come back and she is on her back. I asked if he had flipped her over and he said no. I did it again, walked away and she rolled again. I filled her over a third time and caught her roll, my phone was slow with recording. 

I need to work on taking more pictures of Austin and Aubriella. When they are home they are off doing their own things.

Hope everyone's holiday season is going smoothly. Im ready to start full on sleep training once school is out for winter break, this momma needs some more sleep. 

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