Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. It has been a week. I am ready for a little bit of a slower weekend and not as much running around. I have spent more time in my car this week that I probably have all year. I over scheduled myself, both my parents had surgery, lots of doctors appointments, plus more. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Every morning Ella and I read affirmations and pick daily motivation cards. One of her affirmations is "I Can Do Anything". She noticed her shirt was the same thing "Girls Can Do Anything"

~ TWO ~

It was a long week of being in the car and on the go. Wednesday we got a little break. Austin requested we played some games. 


Morning family photo. Really I was trying to FaceTime my mom but she didn't answer. Instead we took a blurry family photo. 

~ FOUR ~

No picture yet, still trying to get one. Audrianna finally got her first tooth. She has been cutting her bottom two feet for a few weeks. Last night she bit me while eating and playing with her brother at the same time.

~ FIVE ~

I don't have a picture to share again but I have have a little brag moment for myself. Thursday night after Audrianna went to bed I escaped the house and ran to Walmart for a few things, came home took a shower, and got some things done around the house and she didn't wake up. This is a huge win for me lately. Sleep has been hard to come by. 

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