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How is it already Wednesday February 5th. This month is off to a rough start. I am hoping today is the start of things starting to look up again (fingers crossed and knock on wood). I am behind on blogging and everyday life. I have two sinks overflowing with dishes that I should probably do washing instead of sitting at the table typing this up on this cold Wednesday morning. 

Austin started going to preschool Tuesday and Thursdays for 2 and a half hours. On Wednesdays he goes to speech therapy for a half an hour. I feel like a taxi anymore driving all over the place. (Add in my normal picking up Ella from her dads 1-2 times a week, and driving her to and from school everyday) I will say I have started listening to podcasts again and forgot how much I loved them. 

Some mornings there is a lot of fighting, attitudes, screaming, and rushing out the door before school. Other mornings there is a lot of play time going on with smooth sailing out the door. 

This past Saturday Brian presented the winners of the Smart Home Technology contestants with their award as part of the Cleveland Home and Garden Show Student Model Home Design Contest. He is the sponsor for the Smart Home Technology division every year.

Audrianna is growing up so quick. We are working on sitting up for longer periods of time unsupported, baby led weaning with good while throwing in mommy feeding her yogurt, applesauce, and oatmeal to the mix. She is getting better with tummy time, but doesn't show any signs of crawling any time soon. (which is ok means I don't have to fully childproof yet) We are also working on her taking a bottle and being with other people besides me 24/7. She has been going to my parents a least once a week to try and help break her clinging to me in hopes that she will go to other people also.

Last night was the first time in a long while that she woke up at 11, 1, 4, and 730. I will take only getting up 3 times at night (it would be 2 if I stayed up and didn't go to bed early in anticipation of her waking up even more times). She has been doing better. I am thriving for waking once a night or sleeping 12 hours would be great. This mommy can dream. I also think Audrianna is possibly teething also with all her drooling and night wakes but no teeth yet.

Aubriella has been a struggle of emotions and attitude. We are working towards more personal one on one time with her, less go watch your brother/sister, and more do you want to help me make dinner and spend time with mommy or daddy. 

I surprised Aubriella with walking to pick her up from school on Monday. It was 57 degrees outside and gorgeous. Anything to get fresh air, the sun on my face, and some movement. It was also 10 minutes of uninterrupted talking and I could focus on her and not driving or something else going on. 

For the last 5 days Austin has been fighting some sort of virus. He started with a fever on Friday night and still has one today. On Sunday Brian ended up taking him to the emergency room after his fever peaked at 105.3. We gave him medicine and sent him out the door. By the time he was seen his temperature was back 99.5 and he was acting normal. The nurse was pretty rude to Brian and said there was no way his temp was that high and down so quickly. As long as he is on medicine the fever stays at bay. 

I took him to his follow up appointment yesterday. The doctor said there is just a virus going around that has high fevers and is lasting 5-6 days. But if he still has a fever tomorrow to call back and we will do blood work to make sure there isn't anything underlying. I am praying he continues to improve today. I took a picture of the under the arm temperature from Tuesday night to prove that his fever was 105.7 (when under the arm you add an 1, per the doctor) 

I have gotten back into getting a workout done every day. It hasn't been at the same time every day and I haven't shared about it every day on social media as some days I am rushing to get it done before a kid wants something or wakes up. Since the second week of January I have cleaned up my eating (more veggies, less eating out), kept up with my water intake, back to drinking a daily shake, and working out for 30 minutes a day. I am down 6 lbs. Still not where I want to be but it is a start. I have found it a lot harder to lose weight after baby #3 and exclusively breastfeeding. 

Well that's a quick update of whats been going on lately and why I have been MIA. Between crabby teething baby, attitude 8 year old who thinks she is an adult, and cuddly sick boy there doesn't leave much time for anything else. 

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  1. Thanks for the update! Hope your sweet boy heals quickly! Your kids are adorable!!!

  2. Oh I hope he's on the mend soon. My oldest son always ran high fevers and the same thing happened to us so many times; by the time we were seen medicine, cool compresses, &/or popsicles always brought it down and they rarely believed it was that high.


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