Long Weekend Wrap Up

How is it Wednesday already. This week is already been crazy busy and flying by. I wish I could see a break in my near future. Guess that doesn't happen when your a mom of three with so much going on and so much that I want to do. 

~ Friday February 14~

I tried something new for Valentine's Day breakfast. The kids didn't have school so we weren't rushed to get out the door. I tried making heart bacon but I failed. The bacon I bought sucked. We still got strawberries and cream heart shaped cinnamon rolls. 

Brian surprised Ella and myself with flowers and some chocolate. 

I got the kids (well Austin and Aubriella) little mail boxes, a flower to plant and a few pieces of candy. We normally use to get them the heart boxes with chocolate they never ate because that's what I grew up getting plus a bunch of other candy and odds and ends. I saw another mom on Instagram doing the mail boxes and loved the idea. It stopped me from going over board with candy that will eventually hit the trash and they love playing with their mail boxes. 

Since there was no school we also had a play date. 7 kids are never going to look at the camera and behave at the same time. It was a very loud play date with one crying little girl (not Audrianna) but they all seemed to have fun and my house wasn't completely destroyed. 

Audrianna is starting to scoot when she sees something she wants, like her brothers train.

Heart homemade pizza for dinner. Austin said it looked more like Mickey Mouse, there is no doubt he is my kid with the love for Disney. Either way he liked it. Half was bacon the other half cheese.

Brian has been helping as much as he can without using his left arm, which is his dominant arm so I can get some things done around the house. 

~ Saturday February 15~

I may no longer work in a salon but I will always be a hairdresser. Brian's needed a haircut so I tried up Austin as well. I told him to look at the mirror, his reply "mom there is no mirror" opps. Thats what happens when you work in a salon for 15 years. 

Mommy's little helpers with laundry. Well they may have not helped fold or put away the laundry but they did keep me company. 

This little boy takes the most expensive naps. From the movie theater, baseball and football games, and here at the Monster Jam truck show. He mostly slept during the intermission.

Brian and I finally had a little date night without kids. Yes without any kids. Brian's mom and Aunt watched Audrianna and Austin for about an hour and a half. Audrianna did scream most of the time and was so excited to see me when I got back. Little by little she will eventually like other people (hopefully) 

We started dinner with a drink. Brian had a beer and I had "Cupids Concoction" It was pretty good. 

The best part of our meal was dessert. Hello chocolate. This was a brown batter cake. It reminded me a molten lava cake. 

Austin ended up spending the night at grandma's and was such a good boy.

~ Sunday February 16~

Sunday morning started early for me. Audrianna decided she wanted to wake up at 6am. We ended up taking a nap together on the couch at 8. When we woke up Brian offered to take us out to breakfast. I had mentioned before that I had never been to First Watch and wanted to try it. We put ourselves on the waitlist online and headed up there. The local First Watch is in a outdoor shopping mall where you have to park in a parking garage. I dropped Brian off then went and parked, grabbed the stroller and walked to the restaurant to find him. Unfortunately they were not very accommodating with a stroller and a high chair so Audrianna sat on my late, which made it hard for myself and her to eat but we made it work. I got biscuit and turkey gravy that were so good and not heavy feeling.

After breakfast we did some shopping at Trader Joes and Fresh Thyme. Isn't Audrianna so cute sleeping with her tongue sticking out.

The rest of the afternoon was a catch lazy afternoon. Somehow Brian got Audrianna to sleep. He said one second she was talking the next second she was asleep. 

That evening we went to his parents house for a family birthday party. 

~ Monday February 17~

Monday morning I picked up Ella and even though she didn't have school for presidents day we got back into our morning routine of her daily affirmations and motivation cards. She enjoyed doing them and if I forget she is sure to remind me. 

Brian had his second opinion for his shoulder Monday afternoon. I dropped off Ella and Austin at my moms for a play date with my niece. We really liked Brian's doctor. He gave us real answers, was confident in what he said, actually listened to our concerns, and moved Brian's shoulder to see how it felt. All of which his first doctor did not do, he just said lets schedule surgery. This second doctor doesn't recommend surgery at this time, which is comforting and a huge relief. Brian is still very restricted, can't pick anything up, can't really watch his daughter but does start physical therapy in a week or two. 

The rest of Monday was dinner and getting back into the routine of getting ready for school, showers, bedtime stories, etc.

~ Tuesday February 18~

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. I accidently over-scheduled our day with 4 doctor appointments, plus school, and picking up my mom. I was literally gone from 11 to 7, most of the time in the car or sitting in a doctors office. Ella ended up only going to school part of the day. I didn't figure in time to drive her back to school and make it to the next appointment, but she didn't complain. Audrianna has become a pro at eating in the car and not getting distracted which is a huge plus. I am glad that craziness is done.

Today is my least busy day, at least I am at home most of the day but I have so much to do and get caught up on. Hope you are having a great week. 

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