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It has been a while since I shared what I have been reading. Gosh I just checked it has been since October. Since then I have read a few Christmas books and more. I won't be sharing my Christmas reads in March, I will save them for closer to back to the holidays.

I have gotten into the habit of reading a lot again, mostly at night while putting Audrianna to bed and then I will continue some in my own bed. This has been so much better than strolling social media. That being said I have only successfully been reading on my kindle. In the past two months I have started 5 paper books and barely gotten anywhere with them. The kindle is what words for me in my current season.

Here are a five of my recent reads:

If you are looking for a mom comedy that you can relate to, Class Mom a great book for that. I caught myself laughing out loud. I was class mom this year for my daughters class, i wish I was as gutsy and witty in my messages. 

This is the second book in the series. I loved it just as much as the first but if I hadn't read the first one I would have missed a lot of the jokes and understanding. 

Wes planned a drive by trip to Marietta, Montana to help his dad close a business deal and then to head back to his life in New York. But when his dad volunteers him for the Bachelor Bake-Off to commemorate a local fallen first responder, Wes can’t say no, even though Marietta holds painful memories and baking eludes his skill set. from Amazon 

Second book in the series, I loved it even better than the first one. 

This was my favorite recent read. Spending a month in another country on holiday turned into a summer fling that turned into love. There is more to the story then this but this is what dragged me in.

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  1. I loved Class Mom but haven't read the second one yet!

  2. I loved both class mom books. I hope she writes more.

  3. There's something alluring about books with a summer fling.

  4. I heard the Laurie Gelman books were amusing :) The Doctor's Love also sounds good. Thanks for sharing and have a great month.


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