Weekend Recap

Last weekend was a breath of fresh air. It was family filled and feeling like Spring. I am now so antsy for spring weather minus all the rain. 

~ Friday  ~

We finally have two teeth. Audrianna has actually had them for a week or so but finally let me take a picture while we were having a tickle party.

Friday night I took a little time for myself. This consisted of a shower uninterrupted and doing my hair between feedings and putting the baby to bed. Aubriella decided she wanted to read a few chapters of her book and spend time with me. 

It may not be your typical quality time but it made her happy and I got straight hair. Oh she also pointed out my "glitter streaks" in my hair. It is time for some color. Now what to do? Blonde, red, brown, high lights, low lights, all over. I have no idea what I want but I could go for a change. 

~ Saturday ~

A full array of options for breakfast. This little princess hasn't been eating much. I have been trying different things to see what she would like to eat. She ended up eating most of apple mango baby food, and watermelon.

Eating lots of food naked calls for a bath. She loves her bath time. 

Followed by a nursing session, being milk drunk and a little nap.

Brian to work some on Saturday. While he was away and Audrianna was sleeping, Austin, Aubriella and I tried a free sample workout program that comes out next week. It is a mix of shadow boxing and lifting. I loved the switch up and something different. The workouts are 30-40 minutes and only 5 days a week. 

The rest of the day we spent going through clothes. Ella ended up with two garbage bags of clothes that no longer fit or she doesn't like anymore. Brian and I also went through our clothes. I had done Austin's recently and Audrianna's get done every few months as she grows. 

~ Sunday  ~

Sunday was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 60s. We surprised the kids a trip to the zoo. We started with the rainforest which we haven't done in a long time then did the mail part of the zoo. I disconnected from social media and really enjoyed our time. I ended up wearing, carrying, and pushing Audrianna as she was a little fussy and wanting to see everything too.
After getting home Brian and I cleaned out some of the garage and got it organized. The kids played outside riding bikes and scooters. Audrianna sat in her exersaucer and enjoyed the wind in her hair.

I bought the kids Olaf brownie bites. Ella decided we were going to make them finally. Here is Austin showing off his. 

You cooked the brownies, then let it cool. Rolled in balls and placed in the freezer. melted chocolate and rolled brownie balls in melted chocolate. Sprinkled with sugar added black buttons. 

Here is Ella's Olaf Brownie Bites. They actually were pretty good.

Brian helped Austin turn his train track into a raised track like the monorail like at Disney World. He loved it.

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