Being Active At Home

I am on the final week of the at home workout program that I have been doing. It has been years since I completed a new program start to finish. For one reason or another I fell off the wagon and never completed a program. I know I am not alone on this either. It feels great to accomplish something for myself. I have noticed some benefits that are not visible to others:
  • more energy
  • more focused throughout day
  • feeling accomplish
  • lower stress
  • sleeping better (even though Audrianna still doesn't sleep through the night) 

I can't wait to see what physical results I have from this program when I do my measurements next week.

Not everyone loves working out, especially at home. Before being married and kids I use to dabble at the gym. In my current season of life with 3 kids two are 4 and under, going to the gym doesn't work for our schedule or budget. That has nothing to do with all gyms (at least in Ohio) being closed, and when they do open back up again they will be limiting the number of people allowed in the gym at a time. I could only imagine showing up at the gym then being told I have to wait until someone else comes out of the gym before I could go in. Who else would use that as a sign that you are not meant to workout today. Now that I workout at home I have nothing in my way to stop me. Just finding my motivation in myself to get it done. 
I was never that girl who played sports or was very active. Workout out and getting sweaty was not my jam at all. Then I had kids and things changed from gaining weight to not being able to keep up with them. I go through seasons in my life when I need to workout, not just to lose weight but for mental clarity. Right now is one of those times. 

Here are some tips and how I am currently working out at home: 

  • Get up early before anyone else and get it done. (this is a struggle for me but it makes a huge difference when I do wake up early. A baby not sleeping through the night is my excuse because sleep is important too.) 
  • Plan to workout. Doing a program that you are committed to doing so many days a week gets better results and keeps you motivated compared to just picking and choosing each day.
  • Get moving as a family. Whenever the weather permits we are outside going for walks, the kids riding their bikes,  playing hopscotch, scavenger hunts, and running around. Ella and I even played frisbee the other night. 
  • My favorite workout app is BOD. I stream from my laptop, FireStick, or my phone. Drop me a message if you want a two week free trial.
  • Be consistent
  • Track your progress, not just the scale. Take measurements to see the difference
  • Just start, it doesn't matter that is isn't a Monday or a new month. Doing something is always better than nothing.
  • Find support, yes this means virtually. Connect with a friend of via a group for support, accountability, and motivation. Check in with each other. Want to be workout buddys? 
  • Being active doesn't have to be a workout, go outside and do yard work, go for a walk, stand instead of sitting, clean your house, etc.
  • Give yourself a reward. Say after 10 workouts you get a new top, or change your nail polish color. 
  • Have a dance party.
Hope some of these tips help you. What are you doing at home to keep active?

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