Disney World Virtual Vacation

Like everyone else we are all stuck at home. Like many others we had to cancel our Disney World vacation. I don't know who is more bummed the kids or me. This was actually the second time we had to cancel the same vacation, first time was because of complications with my last pregnancy. Hopefully one day soon we will get to go back to Disney and it will be even more magical. 
I have seen a few fellow bloggers share via InstaStories they were doing a little virtual vacation to Disney World from home. I decided to give the kids some fun and join in. Even if you didn't have to cancel your vacation this could still be something fun to do as a family, something exciting to look forward to. You can go to my Instagram Profile and check in my Highlights for Virtual Disney Vacation videos.

I came up with a schedule for our day, just as if we were at Disney. We focused on Magic Kingdom as it is the kids favorite park. This includes Disney inspired meals, fast passes on virtual rides, parades, and fireworks. 

Started my morning off with coffee is my favorite Snow White mug that I got at Disney World. 

Breakfast is served. Minnie Mouse Waffles with sausage. The kids were topped with Nutella, bananas, and white cream. Brian and I had homemade blueberry syrup instead of Nutella. 

Time to get dressed to go to the parks. Isn't she just the cutest little thing. I am sad she won't get to meet Snow White wearing her Snow White outfit, and so young. (Even though she would probably scream at everyone, we are at that stage)

We are all ready with our light up Minnie Ears. (Austin wanted to wear light up ears and not his Mickey Mouse ears)

Magic Bands are on and lets go. 

First fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain. Austin was mad that we weren't riding the Choo Choo Train. Some little girl got woken up by a boy screaming about a train and she wanted her mom. The kids rode the ride in their laundry baskets (without the baby) while swerving, curving, and bumping around. You would have thought this ride was a lot rougher and went upside down. (videos are fun to watch on Instagram) 
I love these 360 virtual rides. You can move the camera in a 360 degree view to get an actual look around the ride. 

Audrianna got her to ride her first roller coaster too, it was a lot smoother. 

Lunch time at Friar's Nook. They specialize in Tator Tots, we also added in chicken nuggets.

Olaf at Home is a fun new short series brought to you by Disney Magical Moments. I connected my laptop to the TV and we watch all the short videos.

Up next was another fast pass. This time for Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride

Time for a Disney Inpsired themed workout. Ella chose to workout with Moana. It was a fun 16 minute workout. Ella does not share my excitement and craziness for working out. 

Another Magical Moment this time with drawing. Ella choose to learn to draw Elsa. It was a lot more complicated than she anticipated but she did a pretty good job for being 8 and drawing not her finest suit. But she wouldn't let me take a picture. 

Whenever you sit to watch a parade you need snacks. We went with Dole Whips. These actually were really good and taste just like you were at Disney World. (yes I had a shake instead but did have a sip of the a Dole Whip)

Time for the parade. We actually ended up watching a few different parades. 

Time for dinner at Be Our Guest, wrong castle behind us, but I did move the puzzle from our living room into our dining room. (yes the puzzle is framed it was a Christmas present and I love it.)

Dinner for Brian, Audrianna and myself was sea scallops pasta in a mushroom butter sauce. Ella and Austin had mac and cheese.

Brian made baked churros. I have no idea where he got the recipe but they turned out really good. 

Disney would not be complete without fireworks. We streamed a few different ones off Youtube. I miss the old Wishes fireworks. 

Brian, Ella and Austin decided for their movie night to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on Disney+. Audrianna wasn't having the excitement and wanted put to bed. By the time I got her to sleep, Ella and Austin were asleep on the couch. We ended up leaving them there. 

Overall we had a lot of fun for our Virtual Disney World Vacation. Even doing it at home it was tiring. Even though activities were not scheduled every minute, we kept busy, the kids had fun, and we made some lasting memories. 

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  1. Such a fun day! I love your love for Disney. We love it too, and I am so sad they may not even re-open this year. (At least that's the talk around here.) I want to do this with Ella, but she wont have any idea what's going on... Hahaha!


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