Mom Life at Home Week 2

Hello April, the joke is on all of us with everything going on. I am ready for things to level out. 
We have made it through another week of being home from school and the first week of the stay at home order for everyone. Brian has been working some from home and some out of the office depending on the day, there has only been less than a handful of people at his office. More house projects have been going on and some chaos. 

Monday March 23

Monday morning started off great. Ella made her Lego Rocket for the Lego Challenge of the day.

We did a little baking, well if you call placing premade sugar cookies on a cookie sheet and putting them in the oven baking. 

The kids always love these cookies. I normally don't mind them. I DO NOT recommend these Trolls cookies. Their hair has so much food coloring in them you can taste it. 

Ella's school PTA tried a Spirit Week while at home. The first day was dress as a super hero. Ella went with Wonder Women wearing my tights and shirt. (Really she wanted Elsa from Frozen but her nightgown was dirty)

Austin asked for my phone to take pictures. This one turned out cute of me. 

He got Ella dancing with Audrianna. aka the Little Mommy.

Audrianna excited playing in a sleeping bag. 

Brian working some more on our bathroom.

And a picture of himself. There were lots of pictures of himself all with different eyebrow expressions. 

Before bed they decided to play horse. They got along really well that day.

Tuesday March 24

Off to school. With Brian home and Audrianna napping I could focus on helping both Austin and Ella with their school work at the same time. We started the day off like as if they were going to school, breakfast, brush teeth get dressed, then headed downstairs to school. 

Austin and I sat on the floor at the coffee table as we practiced his speech words. I also found old dry erase books to practice his tracing letters. 

Ella set up in the office as her work place. It was far enough apart that she could focus on her work, hear it without headphones, and I was within earshot if she needed help.

Lego Challenge of the day was build a truck

Austin fell asleep on the couch straight as a board. I ended up carrying him to bed.

Wednesday March 25

Lego Challenge for the build a boat for you and 4 friends. Austin decided to use dublos. 

Ella's boat is two floors with a water slide. 

Wednesday was a gorgeous day. The kids spent a lot of time outside playing.

They dragged out their little house and slide.

We even went for a 1 mile family walk/bike ride. 

Ella left for her dads from Wednesday night until Monday morning. She normally isn't gone this long but her father asked since he is off work.

Thursday March 26

Thursday I woke up and was motivated to clean. We brought out our stronger vacuum. We vacuumed until the couch and under the cushions. Austin asked to help and did an awesome job.

It was another gorgeous day out so Brian and Austin went outside. Brian did a little yard word and Austin rode his bike. I took Audrianna downstairs with me to workout. 

We are all stuck at home. Being told I cant go anywhere makes me want to go everywhere. Yes I can go for walks or a drive but it isn't the same. I have energy I need to get out. I got stress I need to release. I am doing this for me. I am doing this for my family. I am doing this to keep me accountable. We are all in this together. If I an inspiring others awesome. Keep up the great work and show support for others who are doing something besides belittling others for working on themselves.

We had lunch followed by a family walk/bike ride. Audrianna is loving playing in her stroller, fresh air and the wind in her hair. I bought a pack of link toys and have them connected to her stroller in hopes of not losing any more toys. (We lost her favorite book at the zoo within the first 10 minutes we were there. I ended up ordering a replacement since she loves it so much).

This is how I ended my night. Sitting on the bathroom floor, reading a book, and enjoying a beer while Austin went potty. He was lonely. 

Friday March 27

Friday I actually got up early and got my workout done. I am so much more productive when I start my day with a workout. Now if princess would sleep through the night or be consistent that would be great. 

Look at my big girl standing up while leaning against the couch. 

Lunch time with this crazy boy. First he asked for a nutella, peanut butter and banana sandwich with mustard. I made the sandwich minus the mustard. Then he stole my seat to sit next to Audrianna. 

I finally got a good picture of Audrianna showing off her two bottle teeth. She has been doing so good with sitting up by herself without falling over. 

Friday night = pizza and beer
Water first, veggies most
Still making progress towards my goal
One meal isnt going to wreck my progress

Saturday March 28

Keep posting your sweaty selfies and your home works. You're inspiring others, being a good example for the next generation being, active, and doing something good for yourself. It is only for the positive.
There at home workouts keep me sane, have given me more energy, give me something else to look forward to everyday, and got into shape after having Ella and Austin. Now to do it again after having baby #3.

Seeing others every day on social media and in the virtual gym showing up everyday keeps me motivated and accountable.
Right now in THIS time we really needed the positive energy, support, and to help others. We are all stuck at home and can't go to the gy, it is only going to get done at home. There is so much that is currently out of our control. We can control what we do to make an impact and keep moving and stay positive. We are all in this together

Brian had to work part of the day Saturday. That called for a lazy day for Audrianna, Austin and I. We curled up on the couch and watched Cars, which is Austin's movie of choice currently, and all took a nap. I love how Audrianna is holding her own little hands.

Sunday March 29

Sunday morning tradition breakfast of pancakes and sausage (or bacon). Brian is on a kick of making homemade syrup out of berries we have. My favorite has been the blueberry syrup.

Taking a moment Sunday morning to enjoy my coffee outside while Audrianna plays and Austin kids in the dirt. It was such a gorgeous morning. It was the calm after the storm the night before and before the temps started to drop. Since it was so gorgeous we went for a family walk/bike ride around the neighborhood.

Then we decided to check out the local metroparks to see the flooding from all the rain. We ended up going for a walk since not many people were out and the road was closed. This is a path with a bridge that you can normally walk.

Here is another path that you can see is completely washed over with water. We got a lot of rain and it is not uncommon for this section of the metro parks to flood like this. 

I got a good picture of Aubriella and Brian. No the photo isn't edited all the white was from the light shining in the window behind them.

Sunday dinner, steaks that Brian got for cheap from Fresh Thyme, asparagus, and campfire red potatoes.

We ended the night doing an unplanned project in the basement that is going to take longer than anticipated to finish but it also needed done.

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