Mom Life at Home Week 4

Another week in the books. I would love to say that things are starting to get some sort of schedule around here and starting to feel somewhat normal but that would be a lie. Everyday just seems like more of a fly by the seat of our pants. From schedules being off, Ella coming home from her dads and sleeping for hours, and a few nice days we are all over the place. Starting April 20 things will change when Ella's school will actually be counting for a pass fail and need to know. We will see how things go. 

Monday April 6

I started off the week on the right track. Up at 530, did my new morning routine. 

Plus got my workout done before anyone else woke up. (it only lasted one day of this routine)

It was a gorgeous day. We spent a lot of time outside. School work got pushed to later in the day and we enjoyed being outside instead.

Audrianna had bowtie pasta for the first time. She enjoyed it and made a mess, then got a bath.

Ella started her herb garden. We planted Basil, Cilantro, and Oregano. She is responsible for watering them and taking it outside when weather permits.

Mask Monday before bed.

Tuesday April 7

Another gorgeous day means playing outside. Aubriella blew bubbles at Audrianna for the first time.

The day wouldn't be complete with out having a beer for National Beer Day

Plus Taco Tuesday with some grilled chicken tacos.

Ending out night with a family walk. Audrianna got comfortable with her feet up.

The last stretch of our walk Brian decided to run. while the kids rode their bikes and raced them home. He won.

That evening we got some pretty severe storms with hail, lots of rain, and bad winds.

Wednesday April 8

I made these delicious multi-berry muffins. They made for a quick breakfast with a side of scrambled eggs. 

I installed the baby swing. Audrianna loved it. 30 minutes later she didn't want to get out but I wanted to give her a break out of the sun since we have no shade.

Austin liked swinging next to his sister as Superman. He also loved pushing her.

Ella is a goober going down the slide slowly upside down.

Brian dug a three foot hole to fix a down spout. Holes + Dirt = kids playing in it.

After this Ella took a shower and went to her fathers. Brian worked outside until 9pm. Austin, Audrianna and I had a relaxing night inside. 

Thursday April 9

Thursday was a very low key lazy day. We woke up to it snowing, but it never stuck. It was a cold dreary day that called for lots of cuddles and naps. Ella was also with her dad.

Along with being lazy means I didn't want to make dinner. The original plan was leftovers for dinner, but we didn't have any. Instead we ordered local Mexican. I was excited to find out we could order two drinks with our order.

Friday April 10 

Naptime in the basement means that Austin is playing with trains and I am getting my workout done. 

Austin has been so loving and using manners like crazy lately. I need to start writing down the crazy stuff he says that we don't know where it is coming from. 

Austin has gotten a lot of us out of his Paw Patrol rug he got for Christmas. He lined up all his cars around it to play. There are a lot of cars you can not see.

Saturday April 11

Friday night was rough. This little princess was up a lot. I got around 4 hours of sleep. Part of the night we were even on the couch in the basement in hopes she would sleep in my arms without me sitting up in the rocking chair. We both took an early nap. It was wonderful. 

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen on Saturday. I made two loafs of bread in my mom's bread maker. The first loaf was a major fail, the second one only half way fail. I used my ninja food processor and grated carrots for carrot cake. I also made potato salad. 

The kids were getting on my nerves. I needed a break and Brian realized it. He took the kids for a ride to go find a train. I cranked up the music and got some stuff done around the house. An hour later I was in a better mood. 

Brian came home and started on some yard work. Austin was outside as well. He found me one weed flower that he gave to me before Brian ran it over with the lawn mover. 

I had a little helper making the carrot cake. That means he got to lick the beater. 

Sunday April 12

Check back tomorrow to hear all about our Easter

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  1. I love all of this. Those tacos look sooo yummy! :P I am not sure how you have 3 kids and make it seem easy! All of your outdoor play looked soo fun!

    1. I wish it was easy with 3 kids. I promise it isn't easy. Being a mom period isn't easy.

  2. We're just doing the best we can over here with 5 kids! I don't feel like there's much structure to our days at all!

    1. you are not alone. You just have to make the best of what you can do and give yourself grace.


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