Mom Life At Home Week 5

We survived another week. Last week was our "Spring Break". No school work, more laid back, less pictures, but more fun. We even had a virtual Disney World Magic Kingdom day. I will be recapping that day tomorrow as it was a long day. 
Ohio announced yesterday they are canceling going to school for the rest of the year. It is all now e-learning. We had a feeling it was coming, but now hearing it official is heartbreaking. We are on day two of e-learning with Ella and it is a struggle of an adjustment. Austin doesn't understand that he can't go back to school. Today he asked if we could go to Memaws and give MeMaw and PaPaw a big huge. It brought tears to my eyes when I have to tell him no we cant right now.
We will all get through this. One day at a time.
Right now I will cherish the extra cuddles, the time we have together, not having taxi written on my forehead, and meals together as a family. Eventually things will get back to normal and chaos and we will miss the time we have at home.

Now onto our weekly recap

Monday April 13

Originally we were suppose to be in Florida for Spring Break. Monday was schedule as going to Clearwater Beach and doing some sight seeing. Ella took it upon herself to use her imagination and make a pool in the living room aka blank and Austin added the slide aka the pillows. They had fun swimming around.

Last week was also Spirit Week in my virtual gym. Monday was crazy leggings. That turned into a Disney themed crazy leggings and crazy hair day. 

Tuesday April 14

Austin crawled into my bed. Brian was already up, it was after 7 but he wanted Mommy cuddles. I can't say no, he is normally a daddy's boy. 

We escaped and got out of the house. Brian made an appointment for his car to get serviced. That meant he dropped up his car and we picked him up. It was a quick 10 minute outing. 

I escaped ALONE and it was wonderful. I had to go to the bank for Girl Scouts. It was a nice hour alone since there was a long line at the drive through.Since I didn't have to leave my car I went in slippers. Horrible habit I had started. 

Tuesday Spirit Week was animal print. I never realized I had so much animal print until I went searching.

Splash, Roar, Roar. Another fun day in the virtual gym for spirit week. Today was Tiger King or animal print. Audrianna and I are wearing our animal print and Ella decided she wanted to be a Mermaid. Who knew I had so much animal print that I never wear.
The real question is do I need to watch Tiger King? I feel like the only person who hasn't watched it.

Wednesday April 15

Wednesday we had a fun Virtual Disney World Magic Kingdom Vacation. Check back tomorrow for a full recap.

Thursday April 16

Mother Nature is confused. She keeps giving us snow.

Escaped again. This time Brian got the van serviced. This was the first time all 3 kids were in the back seat of the SUV. It was a tight squeeze and will probably not be possible after we get Audrianna a convertible car seat. I think they take up more space that an infant carrier.

Not very often they all play by themselves and not fight. 

Ella took it upon herself to make her sister a heart crown. Audrianna wanted nothing to do with it. 

The play doh has be brought out and bringing back hours of fun. They have been having their own little play doh challenges. Here Ella made a duck pool raft in the ocean with waves.

Some little girl is growing up. She started standing up more on her own, well holding onto something. She also will hold onto your hand and pull herself up. She hasnt used an object to pull herself up yet but we know that will be soon enough.

Enjoying bedtime cuddles.

Friday April 17

Spirit Week Virtual Vacation Mocktini, bright colors, and I am ready for an early day.

Another day with Mother Nature giving us snow. 

Brian has been home to long and actually spending time on Facebook the he jokes about using a pan as a mask.

Saturday April 18

Today started off rough in our house. The kids (Ella and Austin) were in moods and I could feel my mood turning south. Instead of sitting there I did something about it. The kids and I played some games to help with their boredom and get our bodies moving. (Simon says, music freeze dance). I took a shower, did my hair and make-up. 
Sometimes a chance of scenery, fresh air, putting yourself together, or getting your body moving is just what your mind and body need to get through another day. ⁣

Virtual gym Spirit week Game Day representing O H I O State Buckeyes

We took a drive by my parents (stayed in the car) and picked up the masks she made for all of us.

Sunday April 19

Disclaimer: Aubriella is is normally very good with her sister. She would never do anything to hurt her. She was very upset and kept apologizing and crying. Audrianna just recently has been getting more and more mobile. Accidents happen. 

This picture doesn't do it justice. Audrianna fell of a 3 foot high changing table. We believe feet first then hit her head. She got a lump and a mark on her forehead, and a mark under her other eye. She screamed bloody murder. I rushed her to the ER while calling the nurse on call. It was recommended to take her in due to the height and her age (9 months)

Thankfully everything turned out to be good. She went back to acting normal, screaming at every person who came into the room, she is a real mommy's girl. Plus they all had on masks and eye protection. 
Accidents happen. (Ella had a fall at 6 months when she rolled off a bed) We are all learning as we go. We are thankful that no one was seriously injured. 
Last note even during this pandemic time and horrid time to go to the hosipital. We were in and our, felt safe, everyone was still welcoming and helpful and all wore masks

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  1. So glad she was OK and you were able to get her checked out at the ER. Sounds like you made the best of a vacation from home.


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