Mom Life at Home Week 7

Can you believe that we have already been home for over 7 weeks. Time is flying. I would love to say that we are getting into a routine but we are not. Ella is struggling more and more with school due to the way they are having them do their work. Some of the pages are not formatted properly and a lot of going back and forth from one window to another which she is not use to. Austin is needs out of the house. And I am struggling with being home with the kids 24/7. I love my kids and would never change having them for anything in the world but I need a break. 

Monday April 27

I actually woke up early and got my mindful morning done before anyone else woke up. I had to get Ella this morning so I didn't have time for a workout though. It was a great start to my day.

Audrianna is obsessed with our Shark vacuum. We have hardwood floors throughout the whole house and a throw rug in the living room. It works great at picking up after the kids and dust, especially now that Audrianna is mobile. 

Speaking of being mobile Audrianna is more and more pulling herself up to standing.

Brian started dinner while I got my workout in.

Dinner is served at the Gilbert house.
Why yes I technically made 3 different meals for “pasta night”. One person won’t eat red sauce, one person doesn’t like Alfredo out of a jar, and I dont eat pasta very often I prefer zoodles or spaghetti squash instead.
I wish I could say that my kids eat clean but that would be a lie. Brian doesn’t eat as healthy/clean as I do. I make myself the extra dishes so I can eat healthier and make everyone happy. It also took the same amount of time to cook, actually my zoodles take less time than pasta to make.
You don’t have to eat the same thing as your kids. My kids eat chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, Nutella, etc just like normal kids. You just have to make the commitment to yourself and do the little bit of extra work.

Tuesday April 28

Down in the basement, this little girl is getting into everyday. Austin has his train set up down there and she goes and destroys it. 

My parents stopped by for a distant visit and to pick up some fabric. My mom is making masks for some family members and needed more fabric without going to the store. Ella and Austin enjoyed their visit through the window. 

Audrianna liked seeing Memaw through the window, then she saw PaPaw and started screaming. 

He is the culprit to her cries. Before the stay at home orders and everything my father only ever came home to watch the kids if I had to leave since Brian was unable to pick up Audrianna with his dislocated shoulder. I think she is afraid I am going to leave her again. (soon enough my dear mommy needs a vacation)

After my parents left we went outside to play and for a snack. Cheese and crackers and cheese puffs for Audrianna. I found a basket to carry everything in. Made my life so much easier. 

On Tuesdays I have team talks with a little training, support, Q&A. It is nice to just log on from my phone or laptop for a quick talk even with the kids running amuck. Here is me and Ella on the talk.

Taco Tuesday. We ordered from Barrio which is a local favorite make your own taco place. They are doing it food truck style. You order online, pick up at a designated location and pay in cash.

They were delicious. We also found out they are opening a new location very close to our house. I am so excited, and I will go broke eating there all the time. You can never have to much tacos. 

Transformation Tuesday. It isn't always about the picture or the number on the scale. Progress can be measured in more than one way. I completed a 6 week workout program. I took my measurements and weight before but I hate to admit that I DID NOT take before pictures. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Why didn't I take before pictures? Honestly I didn't think I would finish the program. How many times have I said "Today I am starting..." and I never follow through to the end. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
What was different this time? The number one reason I completed the program is because I needed it for me. I found MY WHY that pushed me to get it done. It wasn't a number on the scale, it was the time I needed for myself, something to help with my anxiety, stress, and something for just me. Accountability was another key reason. I leaned on my girls in the virtual gym for the added support and accountability to keep me going.⁣⁣⁣⁣
Did I see a physical transformation? Yes the number on the scale did go down some and I did lose a few inches all over. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
What else has changed? My mindset. I use to be in the mindset that I had to get a workout done start to finish no pausing, first thing in the morning. I would love to make that a reality again, but in this season it isn't possible. I press pause because of the kids a lot. I'm up every few hours with the baby so waking up early doesn't always happen. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
I have more energy. I am starting to feel like myself again. I am proud of what I accomplished so far. I didn't quit. I kept showing up. It helped keep me sane. I am becoming stronger every day⁣⁣⁣⁣
We are in a state where we have little control over what is going on. I am choosing to what I can. Helping myself physically, mentally, and emotionally for myself and my family.

Wednesday April 29

Audrianna took a long nap. Aubriella let me take a shower and watched tv next to her on the couch incase she woke up. 

While the kids were eating lunch I did my hair and put on a little make-up. I knew it was going to be a long day with Brian working 12 hours. I needed to do something for myself or I would lose my mind. 

After lunch it was outside to play. 

They kids were soooo hot they needed popsicles since I wouldn't put up the pool or let them run in the sprinkler. It was only in the 60's. 

Ella decided she wanted all of us to play charades. We hadn't done that in a long time. We had a lot of fun.

The kids are getting hours of fun out of our dublo books. These are what we take outside for Audrianna to play with. They are hard to lose. 

Ella had her first virtual Girl Scout meeting. They discussed the outdoor badge they have been working on from home. 

Thursday April 30

Thursday afternoon I have a training call with my team. 

They look so cute napping together. Austin doesn't take a nap much anymore. 

I wish this picture wasn't so blurry. Brian was laying on the floor in the bedroom behind Audrianna and I was laying on the floor in the hallway. She kept crawling back and forth to us and giggling.

I still don't know who's idea this way. All I know there was a tent in my living room that used a lot of duct tape that I have the luxury of taking apart.

Friday May 1

 I started off the month strong with waking up and getting another mindful morning done. I also added a new devotional to my routine.

Coffee and play time, the perfect start to the morning.

Gorgeous day for a family walk. Ended up being eventful with Austin throwing a fit because we didn't go the way he wanted to, Ella falling off her scooter, and Audrianna screaming halfway home.

Saturday May 2

Another day another drive by my parents house. We had to pick up Ella's bike that we dropped of the day before. Her breaks were not working right and made it so she couldn't ride it. My father was able to fix it otherwise we would have to take it to a bike shop that would have cost us more than the price of the bike.

I stopped on the way and got the kids McDonalds. Ella and Austin ate on a beach towel in the driveway. Audrianna ate sitting in the passenger seat. It was chillier at my parents house than it was at my house since they live closer to Lake Erie. 

I let my kids out of the van. We kept out distance. They picked flowers in the yard, ran around, and chalked. When we went inside to use to bathroom we wore our masks. It was nice to see my parents. 

Back at home it was another day of being outside enjoying the 70 degree weather. 

We all spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing, riding bikes, swinging, playing in their house etc. 

Then we ordered ice cream from Mootown Creamery. You pay online and they bring it out to your car. Austin got blue moon. 

We went to a park with a lake and some walking trails in Berea. We use to go here on Sunday mornings, get donuts and the kids would play at the play ground which had signs closed.

This is the look of give me more ice cream mom.

We ended up walking around for a little while. The park had people but wasn't overly crowded. We only saw 2 people out of maybe 50 who had masks on.It was nice to get fresh air and relax.

Sunday May 3

Sunday morning breakfast. Strawberry banana pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup and bacon.

It was another gorgeous day and our patio door was open. She made a move for going outside. She is quick when she wants to be. 

I pulled my bike out of storage. Ella and I ended up going on two bike rides equaling 3 miles. 

We ended the night and weekend with a beautiful sunset.

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  1. We often have different meals for different people too; I'm glad though that all my boys are old enough to make their own food if I can't easily swap out what I planned for something they do eat.


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