African Safari in Port Clinton

A few weeks ago our family took a mini road trip to visit the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton. It is a drive thru safari adventure and walk thru wildlife fun. This was our first time visiting. We had a blast and plan on going again. This is no way sponsored. It was a great little getaway.

African Safari Wildlife Park Logo

We visited on a Saturday. Brian had heard that the line gets long and wanted to get there as soon as they opened. We got on their property and sat in line for 30 minutes before we even got to the gate. I have heard of other families waiting 3 hours just to get to the gate. Our trick was really just getting there early. 

The first part of the park is the drive thru safari adventure. From their website 
Drive your own car through and get in touch with your WILD side with hundreds of exotic animals! Have you ever fed a Bison? Been nose-to-nose with a Giraffe? If not, you will in our Drive-Thru Safari! From Alpaca to Zebra, you’ll see it all at THE Ohio Safari Park!

We purchased two cups of grains, 1 cup of carrots and 1 cup of lettuce. You drive thry and the animals walk up to your window to get fed. Look at the Ankole- Watusi. The kids were afraid he was going to bang up my van. (As you can see in the side mirror) I have Audrianna in my lap, this was so she could see. You are only going a few miles an hour and stopping a lot)

Brian did most of the feeding of the grain. Here he is feeding a bison. 

The Ankole- Watusi was starring me down. At this time my window was rolled up so he couldn't stick his head in. (You have the option to drive with windows up or down and you don't have to feed the animals.) 

If you can see in both the vehicles ahead they are feeding Elk's, which we thought were big reindeer. When we got up there one of them stuck his head in my window and wouldn't get out. He drive eating the window frame (no damage was done). I went to feed him and he stole my cup. He made all the kids cry. 

The last part of the drive thru and the best part was the giraffe's. They have Giraffe's on both sides of the road so both lanes could feed them. 

Up first was Brian feeding the giraffe.

Then Ella got to lean over the empty carseat and feed the giraffe. This was her favorite part. 

Ella's favorite animal to see were the giraffes. 

Austin was in the car not that you can tell by my photos. But he was right behind me and I couldn't get any good photos of him. 

Next up was the walk thru. Taken from their website
Come walk on the WILD side and visit more exotic animals in our Walk-Thru Safari! Your Admission includes our EdZOOcation Vacation programs, the HogWILD experience, and our Aviary Adventure! There’s so much more to see and do in the Walk-Thru — and don’t forget to take a spin on a Camel!

When we were there most of the walk thru attractions were not available due to Covid-19. 

Austin loved watching the tortoise move slow. 

This was the first time we ever saw a kangaroo with a baby in its pouch

They had a nice size parakeet aviary. 

While walking through the aviary two parakeets landed on Brian's shoulder. (no he didn't get pooped on). This scared the Ella. 

We had a lot of fun at the African Safari and hoping to go back again soon. If you are local have you been to the African Safari in Port Clinton? If you are not local do you have anything like this by you?

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