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Summer is here. Our big vacation may have been cancelled but we still have a lot of small road trips planned. As a mom of 3 I know we need to be prepared otherwise the whole way it will be "Are we there yet?" and "I'm Bored". I am sharing a few road trips ideas to help make your trip go smoother with kids.

Road Trip Essentials: Ideas to Make Road Trips with Kids Easier


Both kids have all their road trip activities in their own plastic stand up basket. They are only put in the car when we are going on road trips so it is something special. Here is a similar basket

Fun, no mess is what we got for. My kids love the Magic Ink Coloring Books. Who doesn't love Magnetic Drawing Boards. I found the Road Trip Bingo, Surprise Party Pack, and On The Go Magnetic sets from the Target Dollar Spot. I always am checking out the dollar spot for cheap road trip toys for the kids. 


As soon we got in the car it is always "I'm hungry". We have been avoiding fast food and stopping anywhere so I came prepared. Cookies, chewy bars, protein bars (for me), goldfish crackers, and fruit snacks. The red cups are to put the food in especially gold fish so they hopefully don't end up all over my van. 

Pack A Lunch

Since we are avoiding fast food (more so to eat healthier and save money) we packed our lunch. Sandwiches, cut up fruit, cup up veggies and hummus, applies, peaches, and string cheese. 

Napkins, and baby wipes (not pictured), chips and cheese itz. Plates and spoons. 


We are very fortunate that our mini van has a DVD player and headphones. We let the kids watch a movie that they both agree on. Or we let them each pick one then we pick a few. Before we got our van we had a portable DVD player that we only used on long trips. Now my kids think that going for a 30 minute drive is a long trip and they want to watch a movie. (they don't get it that often) 

Extra Clothes

You never know what could happen. We always bring an extra change of clothes of everyone. Ella has previously fallen in water on a road trip, the baby changes clothes numerous times a day, the baby makes a mess on me, etc. Rather be safe than have to go buy something and it is always more expensive when your on the road.

One final note. I didn't realize that where we were going you had to walk a good distance and not have the car close by. We didn't end up eating a lot of the food or even taking all of the food with us for our picnic. Next time I will plan better, this was however our first time going where we went. We have hooks to hand on the stroller to bring more stuff and plan differently setup.

What do your kids do to stay busy on road trips?

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