Thoughts and Prayers Needed

It has come as a huge surprise to all of us. We have known for less than a week. Austin goes in today to have surgery on BOTH his kidneys. He has kidney reflux. The simple explanation is the urine flows the wrong way, back up into his kidneys. This has caused 3 UTI's since the end of January. Each time he has an infection he develops scar tissue that doesn't go away in his kidneys. The more scar tissue he has, the higher the risk for high blood pressure and more problems with his kidneys. 

Austin is a strong brave little man. He had surgery for a hernia around a year. He couldn't have chocolate or any caffeine until after 11 months due to a heart issue that thankfully healed itself. The first 10 days of his life he was in the NICU. Austin has been through a lot in such little time but keeps going with a smile. 

The procedure is suppose to take a few hours. Austin will have a scar like a c-section and not a loud to do much for 3 weeks at least. There will be lots of movies, Disney plus and video games in his future. He also will have to stay overnight. Brian gets to stay with him, I have to be home with the baby.

This is will be my first time leaving Audrianna for an extended period of time. She still doesn't take a bottle and will only nurse. My parents have graciously offered to watch her and Aubriella so I could be at the hospital while Austin is in surgery. My mother in law and aunt in law are also on call incase my parents need help. Audrianna doesn't like anyone but mom and dad. We are hoping with Ella being there she can help some. 

I pray that Austin's surgery go well. I pray that Audrianna does well with my parents. I pray for strength to get me through the day. Currently I have so many fears but I am trying to stay strong my self and my family. 

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