5 Questions- Part 3

Happy Wednesday. A few weeks ago on Instagram Stories I asked "What You Want To Know Wednesday" for a new blog series. I got quite a few questions. I picked 5 more to answer today. You can see:
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Do you follow a keto or low carb diet?
No I do not. I am still breastfeeding and carbs are important for breastfeeding. Also I don't agree with the keto fad/quick fix. It is not a diet that is meant to be done long term. I also love bagels and donuts to much.

Favorite thing about quarantine?
I wish I could say getting stuff done around the house, but that hasn't happened for me. My favorite thing is the quality time with my kids. We have played so many games, charades, and watched movies.

Least favorite thing about quarantine?
Not getting to wonder around Target. Ok but really not getting a break. Being home with my kids (who I love and wouldn't change for the world) 24/7 with is hard. We have good days and bad days. Audrianna has also become stuck to my hip and I don't get anything done. There are days that I don't get to go pee without her laying on the ground screaming because I am not holding her. She also doesn't 

How do you find time to workout with kids?
It isn't always easy but working out I enjoy, it gives me more energy and you never hear someone say "i shouldn't have worked out". I use to set my alarm for 530 and get it done before anyone else was awake. That doesn't work right now since Audrianna still wakes up during the night. I use to workout after the kids went to bed, my kids don't have a set bedtime with summer and I usually end up passing out before them. Right now I get it done during nap time, while they are eating lunch, or I make some space and workout while they  play with toys in the living room. 

What are you currently watching?
I just finished Sweet Magnolias and Virgin River on Netflix. I am starting Babysitters Club next. I honestly don't spend to much time watching TV anymore. 

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