Audrianna's 1st Birthday Party

Audrianna is officially 1. Where has the time gone? It has been tradition to have a large first birthday party with family and friends. Unfortunately since we are in a pandemic that wasn't possible We had to downsize her party and just invited immediate family and a few really close friends. We also limited kids since Austin wasn't allowed to run around still post surgery. 

I let Aubriella and my mom plan most of the part. Ella picked out Minnie Mouse as the theme. Audrianna is actually not attached to anything (besides me) so we couldn't pick her favorite character and go off that. She doesn't watch tv, doesn't play on electronics and doesn't have any favorite toys yet. We all know that will change.

Even though we had most of the decorations inside, it was really windy outside. Everyone stayed outside except to come inside and get their food. 

My mom wanted to make rice crispy treats. I said go ahead I don't know who will eat them that party is adults besides our kids. I was surprised with everyone eating them.

Ella made the bows out of napkins and tied the silverware to them with ribbon. It was her idea and she did it all by herself. I was so proud of her. 

My mom made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and placed in the shape of a Minnie Mouse head with a fondant bow. We normally would do a regular cake but opted for cupcakes so everyone wasn't touching each others food.

This is Audrianna's smash cake. My mom did such a god job. 

The birthday girl all ready for her party. I had originally planned on making her a cute onsie but lost track of time and motivation. Amazon to the rescue with this adorable First Birthday Outfit.  (the outfit runs a little small) Audrianna didn't last long in her tutu she wasn't able to crawl in it. 

Chilling with her daddy, since she would only go to mom or dad.

Audrianna was not happy about her cake smash. She wanted nothing to do with it. Brian is the one that put her arms in it and tried to put her face in it. (mean daddy). She did love her bath though.

Overall Audrianna had a great first birthday with family and friends. The weather was perfect, and she got spoiled with toys. Now time can slow down and stop growing up.

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