Happy Birthday Audrianna

I can't believe I am saying this. Tomorrow my sweet little girl will be ONE. Where the heck did the time go. My last baby is no longer a baby she is considered a toddler.

I look at this picture of the 3 of them and they all have grown so much over the last year. Aubriella and Austin are such awesome big bother/sister to Audrianna. 

We had a rough first 4 weeks, really i had a rough 4 weeks after labor. You can read about the birth story and find out what went wrong during my labor. Since I was pretty much in bed rest the first month of your life there aren't many pictures of me holding you.

You are loved by so many especially your siblings who still fight over holding you, even when you don't want held. 

You have always have crazy wild long hair. 

You are a stubborn boob girl who refuses to take a bottle.

You and Austin have your own little language and love for each other.

We have hit the milestone of 1 year strong of exclusively breastfeeding. I never expected to go this long but we have made it. Now if you would start drinking milk out of a cup that would be great. 

You are daddy's little princess. Even when mommy is mean and makes you sit in a pumpkin so I can take a picture.

Mommy also made you dress up as a frog for Halloween and you wanted nothing to do with it.

Audrianna is such a happy baby, as long as I am near by.

Aubriella and Audrianna are best friends forever. Her second word was Ella, her first word was dad.

We have done baby led weaning. She loves to eat especially meat.

Bath time is her favorite

She will always be my little Snow White even though we didn't get to go to Disney World.

Audrianna loves to swing and be outside. She screams when we go in the house.

She is crawling all over the place.

Audrianna sleeps in her own crib but doesn't sleep through the night. Some nights we are still up numerous times. I dream of getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

She is mommy's little workout buddy.

Audrianna loves to give kisses. With an open mouth. Sometimes with teeth and droll involved. 

She has 8 teeth.

playing with blocks
being read to
her siblings
her push walker
remote controls

Favorite Food:

We are having her first birthday tomorrow at our house quarantine style. 

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  1. "Now if you would start drinking milk out of a cup that would be great." HAHAHAHA! I am dying, you are hilarious. Good for you for making it to 1 year. I struggled to make it to 3 months and that was with supplementing! BF queen!

  2. Oh my goodness these pictures are precious! And dang girl, you deserve a medal for breastfeeding for a whole year. I struggled big time with bf. Thank God formula was an option for my babies!


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