Back to School Prep

It's crazy to walk into Target and Walmart and see the school supply aisles still stocked. Normally by the middle of August a lot of the schools in our area have already started and the school supplies would be very limited. When this pandemic started back in March we all thought it would just fly past and everything would be back to normal by Fall and the return to school. Gosh were we wrong. 

Every school and family is unique of how they are handling the return of back to school. Personally Austin is going back 3 days a week for 3 hours to a private preschool. Ella's school is doing 9 weeks of virtual learning then they will re-evaluate. We are hoping that they go back to school as a hybrid and then 5 days a week. Our family doesn't have anyone HIGH risk and we don't want to live our life in fear, and know the best learning option for our kids is in person learning from a teacher, not sitting behind a computer for 5 hours a day. Again this is what we believe is best for our kids and isn't the ideal situation for all families.

At the same time we are fortunate that I am a stay at home/work at home mom that I don't have to worry as much about getting kids to and from school, transportation, if they get sick, etc. I know many families who are not in an ideal situation. 

Both my kids want to go to school, want to make new friends, and see old friends. Austin is fortunate with his age he doesn't have to wear a mask. Ella is required to wear a mask. We have bought and/or made a bunch of different options for her to try, plus nose pieces since she wears glasses, ear savers, and will be making lanyards for the masks so she doesn't lay them down anywhere.


Based on survey's parents in our school district took about how at home learning went in the spring, parents want more structure in their kids learning day when doing virtual learning. So far not much details have been given but a proposed school day based on grade/school. Beyond the proposed plan no questions have been answered how the day will actually go, especially if families work/schedules can't accommodate said schedule. Here is what the proposed schedule looked like for 3-5 grade.

Yes that shows that kids being in front of a computer for 8:30 until 2:30 with a break from 1145-1245 (which 3 days a week Ella will be in the car most of that time to pick up Austin from preschool and rushing to get home in time for school to start back up). Am I excited that she has to be on the computer for 5 hours a day: NO, but we will do it the best we can. 

(I have since heard they won't be online that whole time. They will do lessons online live. They should be getting physical materials for some subjects)

With Ella having to learn from home I knew I needed to set up a designated area for her, a place she can kick her brother out of, and I can help her when needed. She will be in the basement at the desk in my office with her school appointed chrome book. Yes our basement is our also our second living room and play room also, but she can also get her privacy and also won't be alone. the desk we have is L shaped. Half of it is my office and the other half will be for her schooling. There is storage for her on the bookshelf behind the desk and on top of the filing cabinet if needed. 

I think she is most excited for her Ball seat. She will also have the option for my desk chair. We are still in the process of setting her space up once we determine what she exactly will need.  


Our in person school won't be until at least November. By then all the stores will be decorated for Christmas and school supplies long gone. Our school hasn't given supply list but we have bought some supplies that you know the kids will need, if they don't use them this year they can be used another year :

  • book bag
  • lunch box
  • water bottle
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • composition notebook
  • scissors
  • folder
  • high lighter
  • dry erase markers
  • pencil pouch
  • face masks/covering
  • hand sanitizer (if you can find)
  • Lysol wipes (if you can find)

The first week back to school is always hectic. Starting a new schedule, getting the excited or nervous kids to go to sleep, getting organized, etc. Here are some things to plan ahead of time to help prepare for the week
  • Adjust bedtime routines
  • Do a morning dry run 
  • Meal plan
  • Prepare for first day school traditions (pictures/breakfast)
  • Set Up A family calendar
  • Grocery shop and have easy snacks on hand
  • Go through kids clothes (we don't allow pj's while on zoom calls)
  • Come up with lunch ideas
  • Create a list of school lunch ideas
  • Haircuts
  • Set School Year Intentions and goals for each kid

Final Thoughts

Be excited. Your kids feed off your emotions. If you are scared your kids will be scared. If you are excited your kids will be excited. This is new to all of us, but we will all get through this. Focus on the positive

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  1. My middle son is going to school this year and we haven't received a supply list either; so far I got him a notebook and two pens! LOL. I'm hoping after his first day of school they'll send a list home?!

    1. Thats crazy that he is starting and doesn't have a list yet. We have always gotten our lists before school ended the year before.

  2. I want my kids to be occupied when they're at home. In the spring they were so not busy at all! I also need to get Simon a better desk. And for my high schooler I haven't gotten her any new supplies!

    1. I agree with the kids being occupied. Hopefully the fall is a lot better than the Spring.


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