Kids Morning Routine

 Summer isn't over for us yet. It is Austin's last week of Summer Camp then two weeks of break before he starts preschool. Aubriella also doesn't start her virtual learning until after Labor Day. It really has been a weird summer for us with school letting out in March, to Austin having surgery in June and on restrictions all of July. It is just now feeling like a summer routine then everything is going to change again once school starts. With weird summer there has been a lot of electronic time. Since Austin got released and back to do everything we have started a morning and after lunch routine that the kids have to do before they can get their tablets or the TV. 

In the morning the TV doesn't get turned on until after breakfast period. We play music on our Alexa and just have a relaxing morning. If the kids want to do something they can play with their toys before breakfast. 

After breakfast is where the kids to do list comes in. They have to complete their to do list before they can get their tablet or TV. It doesn't matter what order if just needs done.

  • Get Dressed
  • Make Bed
  • Take Medicine (vitamins, then Austin is on antibiotics for another month)
  • Brush hair/teeth
  • Chore

This has been going very well for our family. Since starting it Austin is so cute and asks "What is my chore today" Usually he has to vacuum the living room. Ella has gotten upset that her chore changes daily so I am switching it up starting today.

I rinsed out an old PB2 jar and made little slips with chores on them. Each day the kids can pick our a chore or do mom's choice. We will see how this works. I am excited that I won't be doing everything around the house and getting a little help

  • Put Away Dishes
  • Vacuum Living Room
  • Sweep Kitchen
  • Clean Bathroom Mirror and Sink
  • Dust Living Room
  • Clean Up After Meals
  • Set Table
  • Mop
  • Pull Weeds
  • Vacuum Basement
  • Straight Up Your Room
  • Help Make Dinner 
  • Wipe Baseboards
  • Wash Windows
  • Vacuum bedrooms
  • No Chore!!!!
What chores do your kids do around the house?

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